Ashton Kutcher shares Newcastle groom’s wedding surprise video

Last year a video of local entertainer Benn Allsop singing a ‘best man speech’ at his friend’s wedding was shared all around the internet. Not long after, Benn set to work on writing a song and planning a surprise for his own wedding. He performed the song during his September wedding and yesterday Hollywood star, Ashton Kutcher shared it with his massive social media following.

At the time of publishing this story, the video has had over 25,000 views and was continuing to climb.


The video starts off the same way many ‘first dance’ videos start; Benn and his bride Abby embrace on the dance floor, and a ballad begins to play as the couple sway from side to side. Then the track starts to skip, and that’s where the magic starts.

Check it out for yourself below.


UPDATE: We chatted to Benn yesterday. Here’s what he had to say. 

What gave you the idea to surprise Abbie like this?

I love Abbie, i love surprising her I wanted to give her something that no one else could, something that would be timeless, something that was one of a kind Tell us about writing and recording the song.

How long did it take you and where did you record it?

Well, I’m a perfectionist and I wanted it to be perfect….so I gave myself plenty of time I started playing around with riffs on my piano back in late 2014 nothing seemed to give me that ‘yup that’s the one’ feeling … Until I started singing lyrics and… Then one day at work driving my truck… ‘Thank you for loving me like you do” came out … The Melody stain in my head, until I was able to put it down, I took it to my friend Adam McCann (drummer for viper creek band) who has a studio in Cardiff, and we went from there, throwing different sounds and rhythms here and there until is one … And then the rest lyrics fell into place. It took a couple of weeks to record as we could only spend limited time together so that Abbie didn’t become suspicious.

How did you find out that Ashton had shared the video?

I was sent a text message from my sister in law, Maddison who was tagged in the post from a friends mother. Maddison thought I already knew .. But I had no idea what was going down Who shot and edited the video for you? A wonderful man Troy Adams he did an amazing job and I fully recommend him! He went above and beyond anything I ever imagined (let me clarify) cause I think he changed his name to Adamsfilms.

Can we buy the song online? 

You sure can it’s available on iTunes , Google play etc….



Written by Dan Beazley

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