AQUEOUS: The importance of living a creative life for Amanda O’Bryan

Amanda O’Bryan enjoyed a highly successful and awarded creative career until her Cancer diagnosis several years ago. During her recovery, Amanda had the opportunity to reevaluate and reimagine her life.

But Amanda says the knockbacks, upsets, setbacks, and breakthroughs have always been par for the course of living a creative life.

“I stopped to ask myself, ‘hey, what do you really want’? In a full-circle moment, I wanted to paint, just like I did back when I was nineteen, I wanted that dream for myself. That young artist girl never really left me, I left her, and coming to the exhibition now, I’ve had the opportunity to meet myself again,” Amanda said.

Now, her artful dream, 25 years in the making, is about to be realised when her exhibition AQUEOUS – made of water opens at the Owens Collective in Islington on 29 April.

The exhibition explores the emotional connection between water as an essential life force and the creative process of transformation and growth through lyrical abstract paintings that are energetic, expressive and very beautiful.

Amanda’s work is forged through the fluidity of water and paint, creating organic floral shapes that are gestural in colour and form, rendering the emotion, power, healing and transformative nature of creativity and water.

“The most important thing I know about art and life is that creativity is an expression of love. In these Aqueous paintings, I practice that expression of love, with my heart, hands, and mind and pass it on, in ways that connect us all,” Amanda said.

Committed to living a joyful, creative life and to share that process with others, Amanda’s next project is to launch a six-month creative coaching and mentoring program. Designed for multi-passionate people who are ready to break through the lack of confidence barrier and heal the ‘not-good enough’ syndrome, she hopes to unlock their unique creative advantage to bring about real change in their lives.

The Aqueous – made of water exhibition opens one 29 April at The Owens Collective, 101 Maitland Rd, Islington. A second exhibition is planned just before Christmas 2022 at the Leda Gallery in Newcastle. Visit to find out more.