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ISOLATION DRILLS: An introvert’s guide to staying at home

Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel.

This is your daily lesson with introverts anonymous and we would like to cordially invite you to our club.

Now I know for most of you, there’s going to be a lot of adjusting going on. You’re confused, concerned, and mostly you’re lacking in energy, the kind, dear extrovert, you usually get from other people.

With the whole self-isolation thing (and just general social responsibility in today’s climate) extroverts are the real victims in this situation. You’re working from home, eating at home, living at home heck you don’t even have your barista to chat excessively with.

You’re down and out and struggling and we, the introverts of the world get it. We don’t get you, but we get it. We’ve put together this handy dandy guide to staying at home, introvert style. 

You know, quiet time ain’t that bad

For real though, if you actually stop for a minute and realise that you don’ have to move at a million miles an hour, talking to a million people at once, at a million miles an hour, and continuously thinking of where to get your next social fix you might actually be able to hear yourself think.

The question of whether or not you want to hear yourself think is another conversation entirely but I’m not going to get into that right now.

This is the time you get to sit back and smell the roses, well metaphorically speaking. You just never know what ideas are going to flow through your brain. This time could be revolutionary for you!

Start playing The Sims

Yeah, you read right.

Remember that game you used to play when you were a teenager. The one where you controlled the world and the extroverts amongst us strived to keep their social bar as high as humanly possible.

Well see, the Sims are still a thing, It’s now called The Sims 4 – if you want to be exact but this is the one thing that may help you gain a little control over your (extroverted life).

You can successfully start drama, start a family, start a new life heck you can start generations of new lives if that’s your thing. It’s a control thing ya know. You’ve got time and brain space to kill, and new people to meet and socialise with. Just don’t mention pool ladders. 


Because seriously, books will save us all! And, you can also support your favourite local independent bookstore whilst you’re at it.

Heck knows they need the cash right now, and you need the stimulation. There are people living in those books kid you just gotta find them. 

Work out – without all the hassle

See, introverts aren’t always the people you think we are. We love going to the gym, hanging out, socialsing, that sort of thing. We just like to do it on our terms.

How great is it that we can also exercise online?! So many gyms have really hit the ground running and have now started to offer online classes.

They can still gather much-needed revenue and you can still get ripped AF. I personally would recommend Action Boxing in Tighes Hill – now running online classes and are killing it. 

And finally, get to know yourself – just a little bit

Like we said, quiet time is your time, but who knows what version of yourself you’re going to find.

What do you like? Who are you at home? What’s your favourite colour?

Heck ask yourself whatever question you want, but take a hot minute to remember the person you are without all of the social noise around you.

This is probably every introvert’s favourite point on this list. We got this, we’re centered, a little anxious sure, but we got this, and you will too.