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Alone this Christmas? Self Care is important.

The most important thing about creating content for a mass local platform is spreading really important messages to the masses, especially around Christmas. With all the hype and hullabaloo of the season, it’s really important to remember that some people just aren’t into the Christmas spirit, and often for very good reason. Some people may live really far away from their families. Newcastle is a town of misfits and drifters and we pride ourselves on that. So, here are some red hot tips for self care this Christmas.

Call someone you care about


This could be a friend, a relative, someone, anyone who you care about and know that they care for you. If you do find yourself in a place where even that may not be possible for you, the wonderful folks at Lifeline have you back. Give them a buzz on 13 11 14

Hang out with other ‘Christmas Orphans’


This doesn’t really mean orphan in the traditional sense. Maybe your parents and extended family live further away than your budget can stretch. There are always a handful of like minds ready and waiting to have a really great untraditional Christmas. Who knows, you might start a new tradition of your own.

Treat, your god damn self


Buy yourself something nice and wonderful. Something you worked for. Because let’s face it, you worked hard this year, and you deserve a little bling, or a new outfit, or splurge on that video game.

Count to 10 (or 12) before diving head first into an argument about Trump with your 86 year old Aunty.


Smile, wave, get through the day and remember the world is bigger than the one you grew up inTake comfort in the fact that Christmas only happens once a year, it’s just that particular time of year right now. Soon it will be January and a whole new fresh #newyearnewme begins!

Get lost in a good book/movie/TV series


You know Christmas is also kind of the day where you really can do anything you want. All you need to say is, ITS CHRISTMAS! Watch anything and everything not Christmas releated. Things you love, or just that really weird crime re-enactment series you’ve been dying to delve into.

Stay away from social media


Look social media is never a good idea under any circumstances but some days are worse than others (don’t even get me started on New Years)

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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