ALBUM REVIEW: Alex Martin – Remnant

Jonah takes a listen to Alex Martin’s Remnant

Alex Martin, a young songwriter from Newcastle is known for playing solo acoustic songs, but his new EP showcases a lot more than that. ‘Remnant’ is the new release from Alex and it isn’t his usual style. In fact, he has had a complete genre change. ‘Remnant’ is loaded with doom metal tunes.

The album launches straight into the riffs with ‘Consume’ which sets the tone for the rest of EP. The second track ‘Revive’ can be a homage to Martin’s solo stuff as the track kicks off with a clean reverb riff.

‘Confire’ is the song that is slower than the others with a Black Sabbath vibe to it, meaning the riffs are huge. The final track is the title track to the album. This song is an epic closer constantly shifting between clean and reverb to heavy and chunky, helping close the EP strong.

Alex recorded guitar, bass and vocals as well as being companied by Isaac Gibson.

This EP can cater to fans of bands like Ghost, Black Sabbath and Mastodon and is definitely worth checking out if your familiar with these bands.

Written by Jonah Sheehan