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A SLICE OF LIFE: Where to get the best pizza in Newcastle…as voted by YOU!

Pizza! Everyone from Dean Martin to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has sung its praises and we certainly love chomping on a slice here in Newcastle.

From classic pepperoni, Margherita and ham and pineapple to more left of centre modern fare, everyone has a favourite pie and more importantly a favourite joint to grab said pie.

And you certainly were not shy about telling us your pizza hot spots when we put the call out on the social interwebs last week, so here are your top five pizza places in Newcastle.

1. Valerie’s Pizza Parlour

87-89 Hunter Street, Newcastle

This relatively new kid on the Newy pizza block has certainly hit the ground running and judging by the amount of love shown on our recent poll, this is pizza done right.

One eager pizza enthusiast even ent as far to exclaim that this place “changed their life,” while another chimed in with a similarly gushing “anywhere else is not even worth mentioning..”

Hot tip. The pepperoni pizza coming out of this kitchen is next level

2. Lime Gourmet Pizza Bar

84 Beaumont St, Hamilton

Being a proud Hamilton resident, this writer is well versed in the quality circular slabs of goodness that his place produces.

While the menu here is more than substantial, a constant go-to for me is definitely the Lime Special. A symphony of flavours and textures, this baby comes fully loaded with mozzarella, smoked ham, mushrooms, onion, pepperoni, green capsicums, pineapple, bacon and kalamata olives.


Oh and they also do a pretty mean vegan pizza, too!

3. Napoli Centrale

173 King Street Newcastle 

There’s no denying that when it comes to pizza capitals of the world, the Italian city of Napoli so it makes sense that a local pizza joint that follows the traditional Neapolitan techniques is going to get some love.

While every pizza on this menu (well, the ones I’ve actually tried) is an absolute delight from start to finish, a true standout is the Posillipo. Porchetta, rocket, eggplant sauce, garlic, truffle pecorino and mozzarella – the simplicity of this dish belies its gorgeous balance of flavours.

You want authentic? You got authentic!

4. Fire & Stone Pizzeria

Wests City – King & Union Streets Newcastle

Franco and the team at Fire and Stone are big on marrying the traditional with the modern and the result is what can only be described ad pizza Nirvana.

We went and checked out Fire & Stone back in June and are STILL thinking about their gorgeous Lucca pizza (prosciutto, San Marzano tomato, Fior di Latte, rocket, shaved parmesan and garlic-infused olive oil) with a wistful fondness.

That’s amore!

5. Masa Madre Sourdough Pizza

40 Railway Street Wickham

This Wickham pizzeria is all about rustic creations that are full of flavour and are guaranteed to fill your belly and heart!

While traditional offerings such as Margherita, and Prosciutto are worthy of a visit alone, for this writer, it is the surprising Kim-Che-Shroom variety (Tomato, mozzarella, red leicester, kimchi, mushroom, red onion, chives) that will keep me coming back time after time.

Written by Newcastle Live

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