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6 MONTHS TO BALANCE: You’ve got to start somewhere

I’m 39 years old this month and I currently weigh in at “about” 150kg. I say “about” because I haven’t been on a set of scales since they read 120kg

We’ve been working with the folks over at Wests for over a year now. In that time we’ve given away concert tickets, told you about all the great stuff you get with a Wests membership (50% of restrings at Musos Corner anyone?) and given you access to exclusive discounts and promotions.

A few months ago we started chatting with the Wests team about their Balance Collective Gyms. During those chats, it was hard to avoid the elephant in the room. The Elephant was me.

I run the website you’re looking at right now. I’m 39 years old this month and I currently weigh in at “about” 150kg. I say “about” because I haven’t been on a set of scales since they read 120kg about 4 years ago – A year after starting my first desk job and lamenting that I was putting on weight.

While I’m guessing how much I weigh, I know for sure that I’m the biggest I’ve ever been in my life. Feeling like this has made me feel depressed and heavy and it’s started to affect my life like never before.

These health stats are from the Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey 2014-15

Not an uncommon story

I was surprised to find, after doing a bit of reading, that my health problems are not uncommon for my age and background.

According to the Australian Institute Of Health & Welfare 63%, almost two-thirds, of Australians aged over 18 are overweight or obese.

A few years ago, research from the University of Sydney also suggested that musicians generally have a shorter lifespan than non-musos. They say that musos die 25 years earlier than their regular living compatriots and are 10 times more likely to die of avoidable causes.

Before I started working for Newcastle Live I was a full-time muso, I drank too much, was up all night and ate fast food at strange hours of the morning. I’ve suffered my share of mental health problems over the years too, so reading that last stat really sent shivers down my spine.



I want to get my life in balance.

This is not necessarily a weight loss thing for me, although I hope that’s a side effect, this is more of a life adjustment. I want to learn how to respect my body, move effectively, and use exercise to improve my over all mood, outlook on life and well being.

I’ve got 2 kids and a partner that I love very much. 3 people that I want to spend as much time exploring the world with as possible. I don’t want to die and add another number to those statistics above.

So they’re my goals… Oh, and I want to stop shopping in the “big mans” section of Target, Lowes and Big W. Don’t get me wrong those shops are “my shops” and have always been there for me. But I’ve forgotten what it’s like to see something in a window of a shop and just assume the retailer will have it in my size.

You’ve got to start somewhere

This month is all about getting on the wagon.

In July you’ll be following me as I visit the doctor for a medical, record my food diary, sign up to Balance Collective Gym and get prepared to start my personal training with Balance Collective’s, Will Proctor. 

You can follow my journey in a few ways. We’ll be regularly Instagramming my sessions, I’ll be posting a monthly blog like this to map my progress, we’ll be releasing videos on our Facebook page and every month we’ll send you a Newsletter showing you how you can get onboard! I’ll also be posting stuff to my personal Twitter account if you really want to deep dive into this journey.


Every good journey needs a soundtrack. And because we’re at the start of this journey I’m going with a few inspirational tunes.


If this has inspired you to start your own journey, you can give our mates at Balance Collective a call on 02 4903 6200 or visit their website