6 fun things to do on a rainy weekend in Newcastle

It’s true, rainy weekends suck. But, don’t just give in to binge-watching Netflix for 48 hours straight. Here’s a few of our favourite things to do in Newcastle when the weather decides to literally rain all over our weekend parade…

Get active

We know rainy weather is an excellent excuse to laze about, but if you’ve got some excess energy you need to burn off, why not try indoor rock-climbing at Pulse Climbing in Adamstown, or perfect your triple-front-somersault technique at Flip Out Trampoline Park in Wickham? You’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realise the killer full-body workout you’ve just done.


Rock out

Of course, live music is awesome anytime, but it’s an especially good excuse to get out of the house and pump some life into an otherwise dreary evening. Good thing we know exactly where you can find out what’s going on in Newcastle this weekend! The top spots offering a solid original line-up each weekend are The Lass O’Gowrie in Wickham and The Stag & Hunter in Mayfield. If you’re keen to catch the bigger national tours, check out The Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle, The Small Ballroom in Islington, or Civic Theatre, Newcastle.


Entertain the little ones

“I’m booooorrrrreeeeddddddddd!” Those with kids will find this phrase all too familiar. Hey, maybe you’ve even said it yourself. There’s only so much lazing around the house one can do before cabin fever sets in. Fortunately, we’ve got ourselves a few great places in Newcastle for family fun. The permanent and free ‘Supernova & Mininova’ exhibition at Newcastle Museum is like a giant science lab, and according to their website it is the “touch, feel, think and wonder part of the museum”. You could also head to Strike Bowling Bar at Charlestown Square, with bowling, laser tag, and karaoke on the agenda, there’s no time to be bored!


Treasure hunt

Skip the crowds and commotion of the big shopping centres, and explore a few of Newcastle’s antique shops. Antiquing is not just for history buffs or fans of Antiques Roadshow (Hi Nan!), if you’re willing to have a browse you’ll be surprised at what you can find! From pristine crystal glass wear, to rare old records, to luxurious winter coats, to unique furniture pieces, there’s no telling what hidden gems you might stumble across… Start at Stuart & Porter in Islington, or Coliseum Antiques in Mayfield and see where they lead you.

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Cook up a storm

Why not do something productive (and delicious) with your time indoors and brush up on your culinary skills? The Essential Ingredient on Darby St holds cooking school all year round, with many different classes and cuisines for you to try.

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 Embrace the rain

Ok, ok… So, rain is not all bad. Sometimes it is nice to just chill-out and watch the drops fall. Grab some snacks, your best pal (or pals), and head to Bar Beach car park to watch the storm roll in over the ocean.

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Written by Brittany Herron

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