50 YEARS YOUNG: John Paul Young brings anniversary tour to Newcastle

From Glasgow in Scotland to the shores of Australia and back around the world again John Paul Young has had quite a journey.

The amazing journey will be celebrated with a very special show at Lizotte’s next weekend as part of the JPY 50 Years Young anniversary tour.

And there’s a lot to celebrate…

John’s first release, the 1972 hit Pasadena, launched him into the world of Australian iconography.

From there he then went on to become a household name as the un-official co-presenter alongside Molly Meldrum on ABC TV’s Countdown.

In the years that proceeded, John became a constant presence on the live music scene. From roles in theatre productions, like Jesus Christ Superstar, to a stint on the radio at NEWFM – He’s done it all.

The Allstar Band is back behind John for the show featuring Warren “The Pig” Morgan, a founding member of The Allstar Band, who cut his teeth in the original Aztecs and who has been with John since the beginning.

Greg Plimmer on the Drums, Paul Kirtley on percussion, Donnie Whitworth on Bass and rejoining the band after 34 years and an ongoing successful solo career is Floyd Vincent (aka Greg Patterson) on guitar. This tour also welcomes Darren Hoad on Keyboards and Guitar.

The JPY 50 Years Young anniversary show will hit the stage at Lizotte’s on Friday 27 May 2022. For more information and tickets visit