5 women in Newcastle who are flipping killing it

In this post, Laura gives a shoutout to 5 women in Newcastle who are absolutely nailing their business endeavours. But this is just a start. So, let us know in the comments who you think we should add to the list.

The Peaceful Minds Project aka Emily Sorensen

Meditator, Yogini and Musician and all round wonderful human Emily Sorensen is someone you ought to know. Not only is she an absolute ray of sunshine, her and her Peaceful Minds Project are here to get you to look out for and after, you. A dedicated practitioner, she runs workshops, teaches yoga and meditation as well as writes and performs her own music. I mean sometimes she combines them all which is exactly why she makes our top 5.

Secret Book Stuff – Amy Lovat

Kindness, books and a love of literature pretty much sums up the awesomeness that is Secret Book Stuff. You’ve probably seen them about town right? Pre loved books wrapped in recycled brown paper, scattered about town in cafes, on park benches and hidden just where you’re meant to find them. Founded by bibliophile, (I don’t have enough room to include all of the positive adjectives I would like to use to describe) Amy Lovat, Secret Book stuff is first and foremost a kindness project. For every book sold through their website (or at one of the many market appearances about town) Secret Book Stuff donate two, to a local charity. What a gal, what a project and just one of the many reason’s Amy makes our list.

The Grateful Boutique and Bouquet – Jessica Shuwalow, Gemma McBurnie and Amee Duncan

Speaking of paying it forward, (and women killing it about town) it’s surely a no brainer that the gals from the Grateful make the list. When you shop at the Grateful Boutique every item purchased instore a portion of the profits are donated to Got Your Back Sista. They are also a one-for-one pay it forward kindness project where for every bouquet of flowers you purchase through the Grateful Girls, they donate a bouquet to John Hunter Hospital. That, amongst many many other reasons, is why they make this list.

Floozy Coffee – Kristy Mujana and Priscilla Fisher

Both passionate and fully caffeinated Kristy Mujana and Priscilla Fisher are two awesome humans who are also killing it about town. Together they run Floozy Coffee Roasters and are here to make your coffee dreams come true. BUT, they are also here to remind the world that women are awesome, especially in the coffee world. They also support The Rough Period and you can find out more about all the kewl things they are doing, here.

Bre Smith

We could probably write an entire article about this kickass girl about town, but we’ll settle for a paragraph. If you’re in any way shape or form involved in the music industry in Newcastle, chances are the woman at the helm is Bre Smith. Bre is a writer, stage manager, event extraordinaire, planner, gig goer, photographer etc. etc. (ETC). The girl’s got at least 23 jobs at any one time and was probably the one who made your gig, event or party run as smoothly as possible. Which is why she tops our list, obviously.

Written by Newcastle Live

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