5 Unearthed tracks we’re listening to this week

This week’s list features tracks from local band New Black Shades, an artist who reminds us of Darren Hanlon and a cheeky little track featuring Sarah Belkner.

Life Coach – Swerve


Newcastle trio Life Coach recently uploaded a new track to Unearthed, despite being inactive for a number of months. The new song comes from the EP Twelve Easy Steps To A Shitter You. Which was recorded in early 2014 but was unreleased.

‘Swerve’ is a 90s-influenced summer track featuring singer/songwriter Lachlan Morris up the front, and Hamish White on the side providing a dual-guitar attack (no bass necessary). Angus Geraghty backs everything up on the drums. Maybe it’s time to message them and see if they want to get back together, because they kick ass.

SOUNDS LIKE: Jawbreaker, Violent Soho

New Black Shades – Jamaican Tea


‘Jamaican Tea’ is an appropriate title for this one, it’s a reggae track with a great groove, and a big ol’ guitar solo in the middle. New Black Shades describe their style as being on a tropical island, approaching the bar, and ordering an exotic cocktail that contains; one splash of Funk, one nip of Rock, and one squeeze of Reggae.

If you like the sound of that drink, you can take a sip at The Cambridge Hotel on Friday November 20th, where the band is performing.

SOUNDS LIKE: Santana, Jack Johnson

Grandsister – Headlights (Ft. Sarah Belkner)


Indie-Electronica producer Grandsister has returned with their blend blend of EDM and indie pop. Grandsister is also the singer of indie-rock band Hedge Fund.

‘Headlights’ features New Zealand singer/songwriter Sarah Belkner, who provides an empassioned vocal over the top of Colvin’s electronic arrangements.

SOUNDS LIKE: Digitalism, New Order

DEX – Crazy (Ft. Sam Edwards)


It’s pretty hard to believe that DEX is only 17. The Hip-Hop artist from Melbourne has shown skill beyond his years with his debut track ‘Crazy’.

Produced by Cam Bluff, and featuring Sam Edwards on the hook. There’s a great vibe to this track, with the chorus really sinking in while Dex lays lines all over the verses.

SOUNDS LIKE: Bliss n Eso, Kendrick Lamar

Jed Appleton – Goodbye


Speaking of amazing young talent, Jed Appleton is only 18 years old. But this Tasmanian troubadour has been capturing hearts for a while now with these melodies and harmonies.

‘Goodbye’ is a slightly quirky but completely honest love song. It really captures the highs and lows of a long distance relationship, and the full band arrangement on this song is really subtle and lovely.

SOUNDS LIKE: Paul Kelly, Darren Hanlon

This list was compiled by Spencer Scott. Spencer is a SuperUser on triple j Unearthed.

Written by Spencer Scott

Spencer is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle. He's also a Triple J Unearthed Super User and writes for many national publications.

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