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5 Things to do if you’re not into Supercars

Here are 5 things to do that have nothing to do with Supercars

No, ok, no, this isn’t one of those anti-Supercars pieces. I wrote enough of them last year. This is a lot nicer, a lot easier to read, and a lot more along the turn a blind eye kind of things. Not into cars you say? That’s kewl, here are 5 things to do that have nothing to do with Supercars.

Wine tour in the Hunter Valley

The whole weekend is going to be a bloody big one maaaaate. If drinking tinnies in the street isn’t your thang, why not take you, your bad self, and your refined pallet to the Hunter Valley for a wine tour. Sounds delish right?

#PROTIP: Jazz In The Vineyards is on and you should totally check it out!

Merewether/Bar Beach

Just stop short of that big monstrous hill and you’ll be in the clear. The sun is still shining people! It’s prime time beach weather and didn’t think you have to miss out just because some of our beaches are closed this weekend. Everything is going to be ok.

Soak up the hype of the city

Even if you’re not into cars, just go out and enjoy the hype of all that’s happening. Maybe after the actual race is finished of course, especially if noise isn’t your thing. But… it’s not very often that the streets are packed after 8:30 pm on a Saturday night amirite?

Rent out your place

Any property even in the remote vicinity of the Supercar track is going to put a bunch of money money money in your pocket. I know it’s a rich mans world out there so why not capitalise on the whole shebang and rake in $1000 a night?

Bite the bullet and embrace the race

Why not? You tried everything else, why not give it a go? If you hate it then you can complain about it next year.

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