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5 Things In Newcastle You’ve Never Tried Before

“I’ve lived in Newcastle 22 years there’s nothing here that I haven’t tried”… Sounds fake to me gang because Novocastrians are pretty notorious for sticking to our routines and also keeping town secrets to ourselves. There are so many underground communities here that you just haven’t heard of. So… without further ado here are 5 things in Newcastle you (maybe) haven’t tried yet.

Gomaz Vs Pedro

Gaming is usually a pretty solitary experience, that’s why some people get into it in the first place but… with the whole E-sports thing on the rise, communal gaming and competitive gaming is becoming much more of a thing. Where in Newcastle does one participate I hear you ask? Why Gomaz vs Pedro of course. Located in Tighes Hill, this state of the art facility hosts tournaments, has function rooms for the VIP inclined and a stack of old school consoles ready and waiting at your fingertips!

Pottery class

Looking to learn a new skill locally? Why not try ceramics? There is a bustling art and ceramics community in Newcastle and they are all at your fingertips (pun intended). Whether you’re in it for Patrick Swayze or just want to get your hands dirty, check out the likes of Kara Wood or the Newcastle Potters homepage for more info and available classes.

Hang gliding

You’ve seen them, hovering above our fair city, but have you ever tried it? No? Well no better time like the present to get in contact with Airborne Flight Training Australia (their website says call Tony, he sounds like a nice guy so that’s a pretty good start if you ask me) and ask how you can be at the helm (with a little bit of training of course!).

Una Volta

We talk a lot about food here at Newcastle Live but one restaurant that has definitely flown under the radar of the masses (loyal patrons however know it well) is Una Volta. It’s a super duper romantic Italian restaurant tucked away at 110 King Street, and Una Volta is the place you wish you’d heard about sooner. The food is banquet style, and the folks work on whatever local produce is fresh, ripe and ready (the way a restaurant should be!). Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Poetry Slam

Speaking of underground communities, did you know that Newcastle has an amazing poetry scene? Whether it’s an Open Mic you’re after or you’re keen to hear some amazing feature artists (locally and nationally) why not check out Heart Open, Word Hurl, or the latest contender to the scene Cuplet? You’ll hear some words, see some new faces, and walk away feeling a little more enlightened than you were before. Yass.