5 things you didn’t know about Sailor’s Grave

Local Celtic Punkabilly band, Sailor’s Grave have really hit the ground running. It wasn’t long after the band initially formed that they began touring and writing for their debut release. With each member drawing from their musical backgrounds, playing multiple instruments creating a new fusion of  sound, we wanted to know more. So here’s 5 things you (and we) didn’t know about Sailor’s Grave.

Dave Rumbler (double bass , main vox and banjo), Gav fisher (drums , Bodhran , Djembe and vox), Kris Arendse (guitar, mandolin and vox) amd Donna Fisher (Bagpipes , percussion and vox) are the people behind Sailor’s Grave. When their material first came to our attention we were interested in hearing more about his Celtic Punkabilly sound they were creating. So we asked Dave Rumbler a few questions and here are the results.

Describe your sound. What is Celtic Punkabilly?

Well that’s quite a new term that we may have just coined because we really don’t know what else to call what we do; Basically we are taking our rockabilly and punk roots and adding Celtic scales, sounds and instruments to create what we think has never been done before. Two of the members are out of The Casino Rumblers which were one of Australia’s hardest working Psychobilly bands, and Dave has another side project called Dave Rumbler and the Matadors which is Traditional Rockabilly so it all seems to play its part in Sailors Grave

Who writes for the band?

The band is quite new so writing has only been of late, but it is happening very organically with this line-up. Every member has really perfected their instrument, so as soon as a riff or melody gets put down it just flows from that. We have taken a load of traditional Irish songs and put our twist, writing styles and structure to them, really trying not to just do another version but take those brilliantly written songs and give them our workover, pull them completely apart and re work them in our own homage.

Are you currently working on any new material? If so tell us about it.

Yeah we are writing ready for a new E.P to drop the start of 2015, it will be the bands first release as the Grave really hit the ground running as in playing shows and touring late 2013.

What does a post gig ritual look like for Sailor’s Grave?

Well packing up the stage of so many bloody instruments is the first port of call, with some of us playing up to 3 different instruments in each show. We try to give the crowd a lot of variety in each show, which means we do what we call our ‘rocking’ sets interspersed with our traditional acoustic middle set. We use different instruments in both, consisting of banjo mandolin, acoustic guitars, bodhran, djembe; as well as playing the amplified “normal” instruments, being guitar, drums, double bass and bagpipes, although our harder sets are not really your standard set up either. After that has to be a few well earned Irish Whiskeys with the crowd.

Every band has a crazy member. Who is yours, and how did they become the ‘Band Crazy’

Well I guess that would have to be me. We needed a new place to rehearse so I went and bought a shipping container and have fit it out as Sailors Grave’s den. I don’t know how crazy that is but I seems perfectly logical in my head. But that may be the problem right there.

Sailor’s Grave play The Cambridge Hotel this Saturday night (November 15). You can find out more about the show by visiting the event page on Facebook.

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