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4WD ADVENTURES: Things to remember before your next trip

Preparing for a four-wheel-drive adventure is essential, and doing it right will ensure you enjoy the experience and return home safely.

Whether you’re planning a bush escape up the Watagans Mountains, a beach getaway in the Worimi Conservation Lands or you’re heading interstate for a four-wheel-drive trip, these tips from All Four x 4 Spares Kotara will sort you out before hitting the road.

Food & Beverages

We love our food and drink here at Newcastle Live, and we reckon it’s number one on the list of things to prepare.

Using vacuum bags for food and freezing your proteins is a good start and if you’re going to be away for more than a couple of days, the folks at All Four x 4 Spares say a fridge like the Ironman 4×4 IceCube Fridge Freezer is a must-have.

A unit like this allows you to run a split fridge and freezer. Plus, think of all the beautiful icy cold beverages you’ll be able to consume at the end of each camping day.


All Four x 4 Spares

Too much and not enough. There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about water on your next four-wheel-drive trip.

Too much can cause issues when you’re crossing water, so All Four x 4 Spares recommend protecting your pride and joy with a snorkel and a wading cover or water crossing bra.

Too little can make hot and remote travel a nightmare so, keeping cold water in your fridge, extra water for drinking, and some extra for your vehicle is a must.


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A good bullbar and side rails are a must for adventurers looking protect against trees or animals that seem to jump out when you least expect them to.

Protecting the rear of your vehicle and all of the important stuff under your four-wheel-drive is important, too.

Rear protectors can integrate towbars and hold extra fuel, water cans, and spare wheel carriers. And underbody protection can minimise any damage from rocks and rough terrain.

Getting stuck

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Don’t expect someone else to pack recovery gear.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan but having an assortment of recovery gear will ensure you have the best chance of getting out of a sticky situation.

All Four x 4 Spares in Kotara recommend every vehicle carry a basic tool kit that includes snatch straps and shackles, tyre repair kits, TRED Pro extraction devices is a good start and upgrading to include a tyre compressor and tyre deflator for adjusting your tyre pressures is also a good move.

Be prepared

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Accidents happen and the best thing you can do is to be prepared and stay in contact with the outside world.

When you’re in remote areas off the beaten track, mobile phone signal can be patchy at best.

Installing a UHF radio will allow you to hear updates from other vehicles and give you a lifeline when you need help.

Carrying a comprehensive first aid kit on board, with enough gear to cover everyone you’re travelling with, is also essential. The kit should contain things to splint a broken bone, stop bleeding, and treat a burn or bite.

If you’re planning to go off the main tracks a satellite beacon is also a good idea.

All Four x 4 Spares

To prepare for your next four-wheel-drive adventure or to find out more information about the tips and products in this article, get in touch with the people at All Four x 4 Spares Kotara.

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