20 ways to be a dickhead in Newcastle

Last week we saw an article online that listed 20 ways to be a dickhead in Sydney. It got the office talking about things people do in Newcastle that really grind our gears. If you think we’ve missed anything, drop us a comment. 

1. Complain about the lack of live music in Newcastle, but never go to a gig

2. Drive under the speed limit as you cross over the Adamstown rail gates

3. Check-in every time you go to the gym with celebratory hashtags such as #shred4summer #beastmode #legday #gymswag … #pleasestopyouaremakingmyeyesbleed

4. Take up entire walkway at Charlestown Square/Westfield Kotara with your three kids and pram in tow while waddling along at the pace of a giant tortoise

5. Sit solo at a table for 4 on Sunday morning at any café on Darby St

6. Ruin everyone’s serenity by playing your shitty music through your iPhone speaker at full volume at the beach

7. Playing your shitty music through your iPhone speaker at full volume ANYWHERE for that matter

8. Sit on a milk crate in front of your sick souped up Commodore at the Foreshore on Sunday

9. Resist change

10. Become loud and abusive after a few drinks in a public bar

11. Refuse to clean up your dog poo on the Bar Beach to Merewether walk – Including the new memorial walk

12. Park at Nobbys when you’re not going to the beach, taking you dog to Horseshoe or walking/jogging the break wall

13. Dump your Maccas rubbish out the car window on King street

14. Complain about the lack of public transport but refuse to catch a bus

15. Yell out the window of your car down Hunter street

16. Sit inappropriately close to someone you don’t know at Newcastle beach

17. Move into the city for ‘the vibe’ and complain about the noise and night time activity

18. Say you were at The Star hotel watching Cold Chisel play when the riots started

19. Support the closure of nightlife at midnight

20. Hang out with your bicycle gang in a cafe on Sunday morning wearing lycra… Nobody wants to see that before midday

What do you think? Have we missed anything?

Written by Newcastle Live

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  1. Argue with guitarists, drummers, singers and other players that turntables and CD’s are instruments.

    • Itt is called synthesising existing material to make something new. It is actually an example of higher order thinking and creativity.
      Some of these musicians you speak of are genuinely turning out material already created and saying they are being original . Whose to know?

      • Hey, I can burn coal and make carbon dioxide. I’ve got lots of money and want to do this very much. Me is a higher order creative intellectual talent…….right here!

        Oh, and anyone who walks onto a stage, plugs a apple PC into amplifier/speakers, then presses a button and walks around a stage waving an arm in the air……… not a musician. They are the antithesis of a creative talent. They are a tool.

    • wow, what a snobby ass thing to say. Try telling grandmaster flash that he isn’t a musician….
      whatever, i usually find that the no-talent ne’er-do-wells are usually the only people who complain about this sort of stuff, most other people don’t give two shits as long as they can have a dance and a good time, and they especially don’t care what some beat up old dinosaur thinks of “what is an instrument and what is not”

    • Heh, I’d love to see you mix. I was a guitarist for 4+ years until I received multiple hand fractures. It’s not different to learning any instrument, to get good it takes years and years of practice. Your ignorance is cute, you seem a little butthurt….

  2. #4 YES! Seriously Keep the kids close, I’m sick of having a little kid running into me while the parents active it’s there right to take such a disobedient child into puic without regard for others.
    End rant.

  3. The only vehicle that can get over the gates without bottoming out is a 4x….and god help you if you actually are a tradie or courier with breakables because then you have to go really slow….there’s reasons dropkick…..such a boring list…get a life!

  4. The Adamstown railway gates are dangerous. There are often crashes there. Don’t be a dickhead and risk yourself and others safety.

  5. This is a general one, standing in doorways or walkways and catching up… Move to where ppl aren’t trying to get around!

  6. Driving below the speed limit when crossing a train track is sensible driving, bellends. This article is rubbish.

  7. Not moving across to an available space in the right hand lane when people want to merge onto the bypass.

  8. You missed the biggest dickhead move at all. Being a pension age out of towner and trying to halt progress in the city for the sake of an unused railway eye sore!

  9. People who unnecessarily take up too much space on public transport.
    People who speed.
    People who drive so fast and almost run you down while while trying to cross the pedestrian crossing!
    Bus drivers who never show up or drive straight past you
    People who speak loudly on they mobiles on public transport.

  10. Not much to complain about in Newcastle. We moved here 2 years ago from Sydney and all I can complain about is that people are so friendly that you spend so much time being friendly and nothing gets done!

  11. You forgot …. whinging! People whinging and whining about Newcastle are the worst! Include yourself in that!

  12. The curfew of 12pm was imposed due to someone being killed because people cant hold their grog and be civil human beings on the street.

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