10 with country artist, Lyn Bowtell

Lyn Bowtell is a singer songwriter, regarded by her peers as one of the best in the business. She took 10 with Newcastle Live about her new album, her ‘great escape’ and her advice to up and coming artists.

With a voice that defies gravity Lyn effortlessly weaves her way between tenderness and rage, through despair and joy. We chatted to her about her new album and the local shows she’s playing as part of the release.

1 – We’ve only heard the teaser for ‘Heart of Sorrow’ and it sounds amazing, What’s different about the new batch of songs you’ve been recording?

These songs are less guarded and more revealing than my previous recordings. The approach that Shane and I took in the production was to focus on the heart of the songs themselves, and not get lost in production.

2 – You’ve got one album under your belt since the end of Bella, and another one on the way, what’s the difference between recording and playing live as a band to being a solo artist?

As a solo artist I have both complete control over and responsibility for making my own musical choices, in Bella it was more collaborative and sometimes that was a mixed blessing for me. As a solo artist I have had to dig deeper and it’s served me well.

3 – You’ve been quoted as saying “Music has always been my great escape”. What do you escape from?

Prison, traffic fines…having to get a job in retail….music is freedom from the shackles of an ordinary life.

4 – Do you still get nervous before stepping out on stage?

No. I have a real love for the stage and it has always treated me well, so I rarely get nervous .

5 – Tell us about your pets.

After the sudden passing of my beautiful 12 year old Jack Russell Henry, (who was quite the Facebook star in his own right) I adopted Mario, a 9 month old Jack Russell puppy from Nova Pooch Rescue. He’s a bundle of joy, smart and sweet and full of love.

6 – What advice do you give young artists just starting out?

Don’t get lost in being a ‘TV idol’ or try to be a ‘quick fix’ artist because if you don’t love the reality of a life in music it then its not for you. Learn your craft. Study great songwriters & singers,past and present. Be creative everyday.

7 – What’s your post gig ritual? Do you have a favourite food or drink you like to have after a gig?

A cup of tea and a good chat ….

8 – How do you use social media and the world wide web to reach your fans?

The usual way… Facebook, twitter, subliminal messages imbedded in Newcastle Live Q&A’s… (buy my album.. Heart of Sorrow.. buy my album…)

9 – You played the BlueWater Country music festival on the weekend how was it?

Blue Water CMF was fantastic. I loved the audience and have a great relationship with the other artists. Songwriters in The Round is a very unique, relaxed and amusing insight for people into the craft of songwriting and the characters of the artists. It’s always candid and often hilarious.

10 – Where else can fans of live music catch you on stage over the next few months?

I will be celebrating the release of my new album ‘Heart of Sorrow’ at Lizottes Newcastle on 10/7/14 and Lizottes Kincumber on 11/7/14! I’m so looking forward to playing alongside Bill Risby on keys & Dave Ellis on double bass and sharing the new songs with everyone. My good and very talented young friend Tommy Contor will be opening the show.

Lyn plays Lizottes Newcastle on 10/7/14 and Lizottes Kincumber on 11/7/14. Contact the venues for more information.