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YULE BE THANKFUL: Top five ways to get prepared for Christmas

Yeah look I’m not mad about bringing this up in October because I’m that guy.

Christmas is awesome and amazing and everyone’s favourite time of year, right? But that sucker will sneak up on you like nobody’s business, which is why you need to be prepared!

Here are our top five ways to get on top of the festive season, before it gets on top of you.

Wait… that came out wrong. 

1. Have a list

This might be obvious but once you get everything down on paper the mountain looks a little more like a molehill.

Who are you buying for? What’s your decoration colour scheme? You know, the usual things.

2. Shop early, and shop local

Because the best way to spend this Christmas is to put your hard-earned cash into the pockets of local business owners.

They will appreciate you and so will your loved ones, who can see that you’ve put time and effort into the gifts you’re buying.

A lot of locals sell amazing one-off things, pieces, and designs so get in early friends. 

3. Pinterest is your friend

For food, decorations, handmade gift ideas, whatever your taste and flavour, get ready now.

The silly season is just that… silly. 

4. Have a market schedule

As we said, there’s no better way to shop this festive season than to shop locally.

What better way to shop locally than to hit the markets. Newcastle’s newest market for example – Homegrown, has five markets in between now and Christmas.

That’s five whole chances to get your grubby little mitts on something awesome!

5. Most of all – be excited

No one likes a bah-humbug after all right?

‘Tis the season! The sun is shining the beach is calling your name, and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this year. 

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.