A gallery of your photos from ANZAC Day 2018 in Newcastle.

An important day to remember, the heros of hamilton #lestweforget🌹

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Another beautiful dawn service. Newcastle, you’re the best! #lestweforget🌹 #anzac

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At the going down of the sun & in the morning. We will remember them • 🌅

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Why is Anzac day important? The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps were the brave soldiers who stood, fought and died during WWII (1914). In 1915, Australia became witness to the new army of volunteer soldiers. The brave forces went out to the Gallipoli Peninsula to claim Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire and one of Germany's allies. When the Anzacs landed on April 25th, the Ottoman Turkish defenders were ready for the attack. The soldiers knew that winning was impossible. Nevertheless, they continued to fight for 8 months. Notwithstanding the hardships, bloodshed and the loss of over 8,000 lives, the remaining were successfully evacuated by the British. The story of the soldiers, the ANZAC legends who gave their lives in Gallipoli, hit the hearts of Australians. In 1916, they made April 25th the day these heroes are to be remembered for their sacrifices and their commitment to uphold liberty at all costs. Today, we hold this special event to remember and express our gratitude to the Knights of Gallipoli who selflessly risked their lives for the common good and for believing that their respective countries are worth fighting and dying for. Thank you. . . . _____________________ @newcastlelive @mynewcastle @newcastlelifestyle @newcastlensw @visitnsw @seeaustralia @austtraveller @exploreaustralia @discoveraustralia @instralia @australiagram @seeaustralia #aussievideos @austtravellermag #newcastlensw #visitnsw #mynewcastle #australiagram #newcastlelifestyle @ig_australia__ #ig_australia_ #ig_australia #exploreaustralia #discoveraustralia @destination_nsw #destination_nsw #sonyalpha #sonya6000 @uni_newcastle @uonstudentliving @uonstudentcentral @uonalumni @uongallery @uonlawschool

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The two up king is in the house…

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Respect #anzacday #newcastlensw #lestweforget

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#waltzingmatilda #anzacday2018 #dawnservice2018 #lestweforget #bagpipes

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A memorial for fallen soldiers at Cooks Hill. #lestweforget🌹 #anzacday2018

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In a far off land, where crosses stand And crimson poppies grow Lies the beating heart of courage Of our Anzacs, row on row They touched our heart, right from the start With their eagerness and skill To stand for our great nations They fought, with strength and will From bushy blokes, to city folks They crossed that great divide And joined as one almighty force To fight on side by side They tacked war, and what they saw Without a minute’s thought They were fighting for our freedom In a battle bravely fought Our soldiers lost, came at a cost To the wives and mothers too As we lost a generation The remaining ones were few So, take a minute’s silence As you bow your head and pray As we mark, one hundred years Of the sacrifice, that day And when you hear that final note Come from the bugler’s horn Remember, in our nation Their spirit will live on. Thank you lest we forget #lessweforget

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