Rutherford High student makes final of the Young Archies art prize

Juliette Kostalova, a Year 12 student from Rutherford Technology High School, now has one of her artworks hanging in the New South Wales Art Gallery.

Her self-portrait, Solus, has been nominated as a finalist in the Young Archies competition that received over 2400 entries across Australia this year.

“I’m so honoured, I couldn’t wait for the day, I couldn’t wait to see it up on the website,” Juliette said.

“I’m yet to go see it at the gallery, I’m too far away.”

Juliette’s work, which was created specifically for the competition, has been selected as part of the 16-18-year-old category.

It was inspired by the isolation of the recent lockdown and created a time of self-reflection and change.

The young artist says her portrait conveys the impact and influence of many people in her life, who have helped shape her into the most recognisable version of herself.

“I’m so nervous, I do want to win but the entries this year are so good,” Juliette said.

The Young Archies was established a decade ago and has gone on to become widely embraced by budding artists.

The winner of the Young Archies will be announced Saturday, 18th June 2022.