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Yeah But She’s No Bob Hawke Is She… Keyboard Warriors vs Nuatali Nelmes

Ahhh Autumn! You can smell the freshly cut grass and the hot chips from here right? Of course everyone in town knows I’m talking about footy season and what a red hot start we’ve had! Could this be the year we kick the wooden spoon for good and give another generation some glory days to tell the unsuspecting (and disbelieving) grandkids? “I was there in twenty 18 mate you shoulda seen it, bloody magic I tell ya!” Me, to someone else’s grandkids decades down the track.

In order for our boys to keep their eye on the ever elusive prize though, they need support. The whole red and blue army thing isn’t just a saying, it’s a way of life for some Novocastrians. Passionate people getting behind their team, your team, our team. This support should come from the top right, maybe, I dunno, starting with the Mayor?

The thing is though, last week, in the hot haze of Friday afternoon, she gave it a red hot go, and a bloody good one at that. Filming a little social media piece urging all employers in town to let their employees knock off early Friday afternoon so they can get to the game on time. And boy oh boy did Novocastrians get behind her… lol jks, we took to our keyboards and ripped her to flipping shreds.

Before I go any further, for those playing at home, you can find the video on the Herald’s Facebook page. Usually I wouldn’t reference another news outlet but the story doesn’t have a lot of context without the comments thread. Because honestly, you’ve got to be kidding me right? And no, I’m not talking about the Mayor here, I’m talking about the masses who decided that it was ok to go to town in the comments section. Going back through them again now, I actually feel awful, and embarrassed and mostly just sad for some of the folks who call Newcastle home. Here are some ‘top’ responses. (Side note I haven’t edited these because I feel like it adds to the point I’m trying to make here. I also didn’t include the person who just posted a meme of shush C*** but hey, there were just too many derogatory comments to pick from). 

Maybe nuatali nelmes should just stick to eating all of thise mint biscuits and coffees that she charges up to the taxs payers

Woman never saw a camera she didn’t like

What a mutt get your priorities in order your a disgrace

How many caramel slices has she purchased today with out tax $?

Maybe if she worked for a living

Ham head

She is all types of crazy this mayor

Sorry Nuatali, Bob Hawke said it better. Try doing something original.

Of course, of course it’s not possible for every single person in Newcastle to take the afternoon off and head to the footy. We don’t live in some sort of blissful dreamland, especially those who run and work for small businesses. But why comment on her appearance? Why (crudely) comment on her love of mint slice? (Side note, what does everyone have against choc-mint? Asking for a friend). But, let’s cut the bullshit for a minute shall we? If our mayor happened to be a bloke, none of the above comments would’ve been thrown her way. And yes of course she’s not Bob Hawke, duh, but why couldn’t we as a town get behind the sentiment she was focusing on? You know, the one where we rally behind ‘our team’ as a community?

I love a good name and shame of keyboard warriors, it’s one of my favourite hobbies. But unfortunately my editor thought maybe it was best to just post the comments as they are without the names attached. Heaven forbid someone’s wife, or mother, or sister, or boss sees their true colours. Lol that would really suck right?

Anyway, maybe, next time, before you sit down and scroll through Facebook, hoping your phone doesn’t fall on your face (especially if you have a plus) think about the longevity of the consequence of your words. Maybe give the Mayor a bit of a break instead of jumping on the defence and raising your fist in the air and yelling at a cloud. She’s not perfect, obviously, but why not take what she is saying (in the moment) at face value, and channel that passion and white male aggression towards your favourite footy team. That’s what it’s all about right?

Written by Newcastle Live

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