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XMAS GIFT GUIDE: Buying eco gifts in Newcastle this Christmas

Another post in series of buying local (and eco) for Christmas

What’s on your Christmas list? What’s on your list of gifts to give others? Have you started already or are you like me and have every intention of starting somewhere around Christmas Eve? (Or thereabouts). I hoped I’d get in early enough to climb up on my soapbox and wave my hands in the air like I really do care about eco gift giving and buying local.

I know it happens, you get caught in a panic and end up at Westfield being guilted into buying something plastic and ridiculous for that third cousin you’ve never heard of. Stop. Put down the men’s grooming kit you picked up out of the bargain bin at target and have a thing for a red-hot min. Now repeat after me, they do not need this gift, so do not buy that gift.

If you take a second to take a step back (maybe close your eyes because the fluorescent lights are there to make you spend more) ask yourself what you’re really giving. If you know that the gift you’re giving is just going to a) be re-gifted or b) be put at the back of the cupboard and never seen again don’t buy it.

If you do have to buy something and let’s be honest I am a chronic overspender at Christmas time, go and give your money to someone, not a big corporation. Go and pour that hard earned cash into someone’s small business, or market stall, or Etsy shop. Buy them that keep cup, or steel straw set (hint-hint sprocket and steel), or some other lovingly made or repurposed item that shows you’ve put some time and effort into choosing. Go on. Give it a try this festive season.

Written by Newcastle Live

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