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WORKING FROM HOME: Tips on how to make it through the day

Six weeks ago, people used to tell me how lucky I was that I worked from home. Especially in my capacity as a writer.

They pictured long lazy mornings spent sleeping in, total flexibility with time management and complete work/life balance.

Most of the time I would smile and remain silent. I knew that was only partially true.

Fast forward to late April 2020 and most Aussies are temporarily working from home
due to you know what. Not only that, but schools and childcare centres are also closed (tomost) so people are working home with their kids alongside them. It is anything but
business as usual.


This may be a wonderful family time, or you may be curled in the foetal position

Now the dust has settled a little and everyone is set up and trying to establish some
sort of semblance of reality, here are my top seven handy work from home tips.

1. No Pants

When you work from home alone or with your partner, pants are optional. So
are clothes for that matter, I guess.

Just take care if you have to join online video meetings. Don’t be like that woman who ducked into the loo with her laptop open and well, the entire world got to witness the result.

#PROTIP: have door pants

This is a pair of pants near the front door should anyone knock.


2. Do not start watching Netflix before work

Just don’t do it.

It’s a slippery slide with an unsatisfactory ending. Kinda like Tiger King.

If you must log in for work at a certain time, you’re fine. You’re safe. But if you have flexibility, any kind of flexibility, never, ever, ever log into Netflix and
start watching a show before work. I can’t stress this enough. Telling yourself, ‘just
one episode’ is foolish.

Step away from the remote control and do something else.


3. Don’t eat all your snacks

You think you have self-control? Get back to me in two weeks.

Only take what you usually eat and don’t open the fridge until your break time. Don’t
pick at foods, serve yourself usual portions and maintain them.

If you pick at the leftover lasagne all day, you’ll soon find you’ve managed to eat much more than youwanted, without even realising.

If you usually buy your lunch, pack a lunch and throw what you would normally
spend into a savings account. You might be shocked at the $$$ in a few months’


4. Don’t squander this time

If you’re a small business or have a side hustle, use the unexpected down time
wisely. Get your social media and websites in shape. Be ready for when this is all

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5. Put on work pants every two weeks

Work pants, work skirt, jeans. Shirts, blouses and jackets. Whatever you normally
wear in your day to day life, put them on, button or zip them up….all the way up….at
least every two weeks.

Trackies, activewear and leggings lie. Sure, they’ll whisper sweet nothings into your ear about everything being okay, but it’s all lies.


6. Engage with your local community

Our kidlets, used to school, friends, parks, playgroups and regular outings, are going
stir crazy within days.

As we’re all self-isolating, there’s not a lot we can do but I know of one street in the
Lake Mac area who has nailed the #inthistogether thing.

My friend Sheree, lives in the street and tells me they’ve taken the Bear Hunt thing to
the next level and have set up a street treasure hunt. Already a community minded
group, The Grove (as they call themselves) co-ordinate via their street Facebook
page and put different items in their windows for the kids to find. She puts together a
check sheet and the kids meander along, ticking off the items they find.

This is a great way to get the kids engaged, outside with their parents out for some
exercise, it’s within current government guidelines and is just a little bit fabulous.

Is your street doing something a bit fabulous during the crisis? We’d love to hear about it!


7. Be kind to our essential workers

I’d like to acknowledge our frontline medical teams, in whatever capacity they’re
working. A great big thank you.

And to the other front line workers – our supermarket staff, our posties and delivery
drivers, the council workers who are allowing our garbage bins to have better social
lives than us. The cafes and restaurants who have quickly pivoted to take away and
home delivery. And anyone else I’ve missed, a great big thank you as well.

Next time you’re in the supermarket or get a delivery, be sure to say thank you (from
an acceptable distance of course) and let them know just how much they’re

If you want to thank someone, please feel free to give them a great big
shout out and a huge thank you.