Work etiquette for those whose office is a cafe/bar

There is honestly nothing wrong with parking your butt at a cafe/bar and hitting the books, laptops or miscellaneous devices to get some work done.

In fact, it can be perfect – finding that perfect spot in a darkened corner of your favourite cafe or watering hole to truly come to grips with that Pinsky file or quarterly report.

But, there is a right way, and a wrong way to get stuff done. What does that look like you say? Well here are our top five tips.

1. For God sake buy something

If you’re going to sit and work for any length of time in a cafe or bar, at least have the decency to buy something, anything. Think of it as paying rent, but you get the added bonus of feeding/watering yourself at the same time. Seriously, guys a coffee is like four bucks, cough up, yeah?

2. Be aware

If all the tables are full, and people are hankering to get in, and you’re taking up a table of four, c’mon man! Just leave. People waiting outside means potential business for the establishment you’re currently creating your best ideas in.

Look after them, as they do you. 

3. Get to know the staff

If you’re going to spend a big chunk of time in a place, why not pay attention and get to know the folks who work there.

Tell them what you’re doing, what you’re working on, it will be like you actually have colleagues instead of being a freelancing loser with no friends.

4. Pick the perfect place

Ok, so our official list of awesome places to work at?

  • New Slang
  • Wild Flower City
  • The Falcon (on a quiet day that place is usually pumping)
  • The Press
  • Suspension 
  • Talulah 
  • The Grand Hotel (great snitty omg)
  • Annnddd the list goes on….

5. Just be a good human

You’re trying to do the right thing by your mental health and get out and about (or at least out of the office for a little bit) just do the right thing and be generous, courteous, and a good human.

It’s really (really) not that hard guys c’mon.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.