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THE MASKED WOMBAT: A children’s book about Social Distancing?

An Australian author has written a children’s book about Social Distancing.

Written by Sydney-based American ex-pat Jamie Brooke, the Wilbert the Wombat Social Distances book aims to give parents the tool they have been looking for during these challenging times.

“I wanted to find a way to explain to children the hardships we’re all facing today while teaching empathy, sharing hope and building community along the way,” said Jamie.

Told from the perspective of an illustrated wombat named Wilbert, the book is part of a series of stories parallel challenging current events happening in the world.

“I think Wilbert, in a way, represents all of us; how many of us tend to keep to ourselves and spend a lot of our time with our immediate family and friends. But I would hope that Wilbert inspires us all if given the chance to help our community, to also go above and beyond to help out.”

10% of proceeds from the sale of the book will go to WIRES Wildlife Rescue, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to rescuing and caring for Australian wildlife.

The book can be purchased from and there’s also a downloadable e-book available.