Why people love the Newcastle Show

The IGA Newcastle show is happening this weekend, from Friday March 4 to 6. We recently ran a giveaway on our Facebook page that asked Novocastrians to tell us what they loved about the show, and we were blown away with the responses. From delighted parents watching their children ride a dodgem car for the first time to married couples who met on the ferris wheel, the local show really creates memories. Here’s a selection of some of those memories.

The History


Phil Harrison: The Newcastle Show is an amazing place that allows us to show our children and grandchildren a link between the city and country and emphasises our link with our agricultural heritage.

Lee Davidson: Its a newcastle tradition. I can remember being excited when i was little to go to the show to see all the rides and the lights and the noise and now my kids love going for the same reasons to.

Sommer Barnett: Its just tradition. My family went as kids and have great memories from being little …ballerina on a stick.

Bertie Beetle


Nat Steve: BERTIE BEETLE SHOWBAG. I buy at least two sometimes i just go for that.. oh and a dagwood dog.

Pauline Deane: Ask anyone I know & they will tell you. I only go the show to get Bertie Beetle show Bags. One time they had no change, So I bought $50 worth. That was 25 bags as they were $2 each. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. That was the best show ever lol.

Craig Johnston: I absolutely love the Bertie Beetle Showbags! I always used to buy heaps of them whenever I went to the show because they were so hard to find anywhere.
Sadly though I haven’t been able to go to the show for a long time and my kids have yet to experience the fun

The Memories


Laura Hinder: What I love most about the show is, the memories it’s brings back of my childhood – going on a Saturday night watching the marching koala band and race cars as we sat and ate the homemade picnic dinner my mum had packed for us after we had spent hours looking at the cows and all the animals, discussing with excitement all the rides we were going to go on with my brothers. I have never missed a Newcastle show since.

Allison Edgar: The thing I love most about the Newcastle show is it reminds me of my childhood and Just how precious being a child is! The Excitement of knowing it was Show time,The smell of Pluto pups and Fairy Floss the Farm animals that we city kids didn’t see everyday or get to touch up close living in the Suburbs!The anticipation I felt as I Entered those gates into a Whole New World of Adventure and Surprise was overwhelming!That’s a wonderful feeling that never leaves me and comes to mind even as I take my own Children year after year!!.. I only have to look down at their little faces and I know exactly how their feeling!

Dianne Burt: The memories of being so excited mum and dad taking us 40 odd years ago. Mum bringing a thermos and getting hot water for a cup of tea we had the hot chips, mum entering and winning a prize for her crochet blankets , show bags and a hot pie outside when we left to catch the bus home.

The People


Michelle Cherry: The Volunteers are awesome even though sometimes they get left out they all do a wonderful job (old volunteer here) The rides are absolutely awesome especially at night time when they all light up! The arena area has awesome entertainment throughout the day and night all super! Also love the different shops n show bags in the entertainment centre so many opportunities, n I love how u do the extra room with job opportunities it’s all super! Also the outside games n stores it’s just all super! Looking forward to going this year with my twins! Everything is awesome!

James Philip Dorse: Everything about the Show is wonderful, the sights, sounds and smells. I particularly enjoy seeing the pure joy and delight on the faces of all the children there, because it reminds me of how much I loved it as a kid. I still go on the dodgems even though my knees end up past the steering wheel, and I still stock up on showbags even though you can buy the individual treats from the shops for much cheaper. I just love soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the experience with my significant other.

The Animals


Richelle Bukey: My kids just love love the animals.

Naomi Saunders: First stop freaky show chickens . the incubators with the eggs hatching last year were an added bonus.

The Kids


Matt Oliver: I always went to the show when I was young. I played in the massed pipe bands. Now I have three young kids that would absolutely love the show, especially my 6 year old who will be celebrating his 7th birthday on the Saturday. Could only take 1 child last year as no baby sitter, but will take them all this year.

Majah Brooks: As a Newie newbie with a little boy who is just old enough to start to get excited about the show, my favourite part is watching my child’s anticipation and reliving it through him.

Zak Danger: The best thing is seeing the look on your kids faces as they experience it all for the first time. Everything they see amazes them.

The Rides


Tee Stewart: I love the fact that you have a wide range of rides for the younger kids and also rides that the parents can enjoy. And the fact there are so many different things there to enjoy as a family. The atmosphere is amazing and it’s just an amazing event to have in Newcastle bringing everyone together. This will be the first year I take my son who’s 4 and I am so excited to see his face! Last time I went it was amazing, the workers do such an amazing job! Can not wait for my son to try a Bertie beetle aswell!

Leslie Hall: The big ferris wheel…

Food, food and more food


Kerrie Thomas: The show food! We are usually a pretty healthy eating family, but we let loose at the Newcastle Show and my kids love the rare treat of churros, fairy floss and snowcones! Thankfully there’s so much to see and do they can burn off the sugar high before we head home. We love lots of things about the show but the edible treats take me back to my childhood and the kids love it.

Raquel Lynette Milton: I love all the delicious show food, buying show bags, going on so many rides you feel like your going to bring it all back up! and just feeling like a kid again.

For more information about the IGA Newcastle show you can visit their website or check out our Ultimate Guide To The Newcastle Show.

Written by Newcastle Live

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