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Why fire-affected communities need your help now more than ever

Whenever there is a major event, catastrophe or tragedy, we as a community are amazing when it comes to lending a helping hand. Us Novocastrians are always willing to dig deep and help those who need it most.

The wider Australian community as well, have always been great at diving in and helping out a mate, but… what happens when the frenzy dies down?

What happens when the media frenzy dies down though, and the attention moves away from those who have been affected by tragedy? 

Naturally, we spend time moving on with our lives and holding our loved ones close. Because it’s true, we personally cannot afford to dwell on what’s happened, (although climate change anxiety is a real thing) and like sands through the hour-glass, the wheels of life begin turning once again.

But honestly, this is when the communities need us the most. But what to do?
I’ve spoken before about all of the different ways to help those in rural communities, and this also extends to fire-affected communities.

Start first, by thinking about Christmas, and what Christmas may look like to those in fire-affected areas.

What to do though?

Maybe instead of nipping down to Kmart for those delicious packages under the tree, why not focus on a certain Instagram account known as Buy From The Bush, and support someone in a small town. Because now more than ever, these small businesses, need outside support. 

Speaking of support, when a tragedy strikes, carious organisations and charities usually receive a huge influx of cash, very quickly. An influx which usually also runs out very quickly. Instead, why not set up smaller direct debits to a charity of your choice who might need the security of regular donations?

And finally, how about thinking about the long term effects of what we do every day?

Climate change is real, the things you do today will affect the world we live in tomorrow, and maybe it’s about time our leaders listened. Write to your local member, heck write to ScoMo wherever the hell he is.

Surely they can’t ignore us forever?

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.