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When one Rolador closes…

It seems no neighbourhood is immune from the domino effect of sadness with the latest local staple announcing that it will be closing its doors forever. Rolador cafe. For anyone who has caught a train from Hamilton, found themselves shopping for bargains early on Beaumont street, or just after one of the best coffees in town, you know exactly what and where I’m talking about.

Named for its famous roller door, Rolador cafe isn’t (soon to be wasn’t) just a cafe. It was a staple in our community. It was a place to hang out, enjoy the colourful sights of Hamilton train station, sip on delicious things and just be an all-around awesome human. The staff were always friendly, the customers always loyal so why are they closing?

Is it just a coincidence that yet another local cafe/local legend is shutting its doors for the final time? Or is it a mysterious pattern that seems to be silently sweeping across Newcastle like Stephen Kind’s the mist, gobbling up every single inch of unique identity this town has to offer. I mean, vinyl closed its doors, Welsh Blacks was sold, I mean, Tower bloody cinemas closed down the other week.

I just don’t believe that these ‘one-off’ closures are one-offs at all. And no it can’t just be an inner city thing because I was under the impression (or so say all the glossy brochures) that the West end is meant to be hip-hop and happening and the up and coming area to be seen in. We can’t blame the supercars for this one. We can’t blame the fact that it’s a new business. What we can blame, and I will forever continue to do so, is that our city at its core is changing. The high rises being built all look the same, the tram is shiny, new and not where it should be, and the charm of the place just seems to be slowly yet surely fading away.

Rolador wasn’t a new business. It wasn’t just finding its feet or legs or whatever else you want to call it. It was an established, long-standing, local legacy that is now closing its doors for the final time on Sunday the 16th.

Honestly dear reader I just have one request right now. If someone could please barricade Darby Street asap so we don’t lose one of the last little glimmers of Newy we have left.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.