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WHAT’S ON: Central Coast Event Guide for May 2024

As the Central Coast bids farewell to the balmy days of summer, the month of May ushers in a scorching lineup of events that are sure to ignite your senses.

From tantalizing spicy festivals to immersive literary celebrations, this region is heating up with an array of unmissable happenings.

Whether you’re craving fiery culinary adventures or seeking to delve into the depths of emotive landscapes and lost hearts, the Central Coast has got you covered.

Check out the guide below.


WHEN: 19 May
WHERE: Memorial Park, The Entrance

Get ready to spice up your life because the Central Coast is set to come to life with chilli fever. The Central Coast Chilli Festival promises a plethora of fiery delights for every chilli aficionado out there. Indulge in a variety of chilli-infused delicacies, explore spicy products, and brace yourself for the ultimate chilli-eating showdown. But fear not if you’re not a heat seeker, as there will be plenty of food trucks offering non-spicy treats, along with live music to groove to and market stalls to peruse. Get ready for a sizzling hot fiesta that’ll set the Coast ablaze!


WHEN: 29 May – 3 June
WHERE: Various locations around the Central Coast

Dive into a literary extravaganza filled with enchanting tales, insightful discussions, and inspiring creativity. This event will honour the rich tapestry of Australian literature through engaging author talks, stimulating panels, hands-on writing workshops, and the exciting debut of local authors’ books. This festival promises a diverse array of top-tier literary events, set against the stunning backdrop of scenic locales across the Central Coast.


WHEN: 25 May – 30 June
WHERE: Gosford Regional Gallery

First Nations artist and dancer Shana O’Brien explores emotional landscapes as a form of storytelling. HExperience the evocative storytelling of First Nations artist and dancer, Shana O’Brien, as she delves into emotional landscapes through her captivating art. Inspired by the profound connection between land and humanity, O’Brien’s work invites viewers on a journey through shapes, colors, and patterns, transforming the viewing experience into a mesmerizing dance of the eyes. Each piece offers a glimpse into O’Brien’s inner world, reflecting her profound exploration of emotions and her ancestral ties through Indigenous knowledge systems ingrained in her very being.


WHEN: 18 May
WHERE: Laycock Community Street Theatre

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with “Highway of Lost Hearts,” a powerful allegory reflecting on a nation’s loss of spirit. Join Mot, a determined woman, and her faithful canine companion as they traverse 4,500 kilometers through the rugged Australian outback in search of her missing heart. Despite her ability to breathe and possess a heart, Mot feels a profound emptiness within. Along the epic road trip, amidst country towns and sprawling red dirt landscapes, Mot encounters fellow wanderers also grappling with their own sense of loss. This poignant play invites audiences to contemplate the complexities of the human heart and the quest for emotional fulfillment.


WHERE: 23, 24 and 25 May
WHEN: Central Coast Libraries

Get ready for a literary feast as the Sydney Writers Festival gathers some of the globe’s most esteemed authors and intellectuals for enriching dialogues and debates. Even if you can’t make it to Sydney, fear not! Central Coast libraries will be livestreaming the program, offering literary enthusiasts the chance to partake in Australia’s cherished celebration of narratives and concepts. Across three days, dive into the insights of renowned national and international authors and journalists, and engage in live panel discussions tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues, all from the comfort of your local library.