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What we love about coffee culture in Newcastle

Novocastrians are loyalists and we don’t muck about when it comes to coffee.

Most may consider Newcastle a coal and steel city or maybe sports mad or surf-mad or whatever another stereotype you want to come up, with but one thing we are very good at is coffee (and being caffeinated duh).

So here are 5 things we love about coffee culture in Newcastle.

There are so many different places to go

There’s pretty much a café on every corner (right next to the pub obviously) and you’re never more than a stone’s throw away from a bloody great cup. Wherever your local is, you’re still pretty well ripe, ready, and well positioned to grab a great cup.

People have more pride in their coffee than they do in the Knights

Ok fine maybe that’s not exactly true but it’s pretty darn close. Novocastrians are loyalists and we don’t muck about when it comes to coffee. Every single local you speak to has their favourite place, or places sometimes. We go to these sacred spaces sometimes every day or at least every second and we know and love the people behind the beans and the machines.

There is a new place opening every month

Accurate. So so accurate. And no it’s not just because of the whole Hunter Street Fiasco. There really is a new place opening up at least every month or so, with some new flavour or splash of caffeine life to offer. Where is your new favourite place? Mine is Equium Social just in case you were interested.

It’s the little touches that count

Take Frothers for example. Nathaniel is a bloody angel for a start and they also offer a keep cup exchange program. But wherever your local may be, you go there because of the little things, the familiar greeting or your favourite table (at the Press) etc. etc.

It’s not just a barrister thing

There are local people who are roasting and distributing the bean too. (Ok fine I’ll stop calling it the bean) but take the Floozy Gals as an example, they are doing great things about town and have a passion for coffee like I’ve never seen before!

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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