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WATCHING THE DETECTIVES: Best true-crime shows to sink your teeth into

Who doesn’t love a healthy dose of some good, old fashioned, nail-biting true crime?

Sure, you can sit back and try and deny your love of being basic and loving anything and everything true crime but we all do it so why not admit it to yourself?

Check out these utterly bingeworthy hot hits.

The Staircase – Netflix

This little ditty slipped under the radar in amongst all of the other super hip crime docks of the day but it is well worth your time.

Full of twists and turns, lies and cold hard evidence it will have you hooked right to the very end. 

2. Making a Murderer Season 2 – Netflix

I’ll be the first to admit that series two is nowhere near as intriguing and edge of the seat type viewing than season one but… in the interest of justice and following through, watch season two.

Trust me. Totally worth it. 

3. Obsession – Dark Desires – Netflix

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good crime reenactment show. And by good of course, I mean deliciously terrible.

But it’s binge-worthy and perfect for a weekend tucked up inside a cocoon. Just maybe don’t answer the door to strangers whilst watching this one. 

4. Murder in the Bayou

This five part series will have you hooked from the first minute, and that’s not just because it remains unsolved.

It’s well shot, produced and presented and is totally set on uncovering the secrets of small-town Louisiana. 

5. Fear Thy Neighbour – Foxtel

Speaking of crime re-enactment, this one is a personal favourite. Each episode is set in small-town America and focuses on, well, neighbours.

And things always (always) end badly. There is no redemption here, just bad acting, and the exact reason why America needs tighter gun laws asap.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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