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Wait, Did You Say Nitro Coffee?

I’m known to never really turn down a beer, whatever time of day it may be. When you work hospitality hours you tend to grab what you can get in terms of recreational time. But 10am on a Monday is even a bit steep for me, so when I sat down to what looks like a middy of delicious dark beer, I was a little confused. I’ve written about Press Book House before, it’s one of those magical places where the furniture doesn’t match and you’re surrounded by second hand books and good company. I’ve kept kind of quiet about this place, mostly because I’m a selfish introvert, but the latest edition to the café is worth putting my pride aside and writing some words to share with the masses. Press are now doing Nitro coffee.

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What’s Nitro coffee you ask? It’s a black cold brew coffee (if you’re not drinking cold brew/cold coffee do you even caffeine?) infused with nitrogen gas. This delightful combination makes for a texture to die for. It almost has the same texture as a really delicious dark beer, but substitute the heavy for a creamy, silky smooth caffeinated feel and you’re pretty well on the money.

It’s definitely one for the coffee die-hards (who doesn’t love coffee?) as the caffeine hit alone definitely packs a punch. But unlike the skewies on a Sunday afternoon, nitro coffee in my opinion is meant to be savoured, cared for, and experienced. Watching the Nitro mesh with the coffee is like stepping inside your favourite snow—globe, only with the added edition of the one thing that helps you get through the day – coffee.

Nitro coffee is only five bucks a pop and served with a side of banter from Murray and his Press crew.

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Pours like beer, looks like beer, cools like beer. #brewnotbeer

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