WAAX frontwoman Maz DeVita hits out after being “aggressively groped” at Cambridge Easter show

Maz De Vita, the frontwoman for Brisbane rockers WAAX has spoken out about being “aggressively groped” during the band’s set at The Cambridge Hotel on Easter Sunday.

Taking to social media after the incident, Maz revealed that an unidentified man in the crowd groped her twice while on stage.

In the long and impassioned post, Maz thanked venue staff for “always looking after us,” while taking aim at her attacker.

“I’d like to send a personal message to that one person up the front who decided to assault me: I couldn’t figure out who you were because you moved so quickly in a really large crowd of people,” Maz wrote.

”But I hope you’re glad to know that I f***ing felt it and it was extremely degrading. I have been doing this for 6.5 years. Putting my heart and soul on the line for every single show. You have no idea how f***ing hard it is to do what we do. But you decided all of that means nothing and quite aggressively groped me twice in a row.”

Maz continued, calling the man’s actions “disgusting” and “totally disrespectful.”

“You wouldn’t grope someone in the grocery store, on the bus or in your workplace. So what makes this situation any different?,” she added. “What am I to you? Last I checked I’m a f***ing human who deserves the right to her own body and the right to work in a safe environment.”

Cambridge management responded in a Facebook post saying that the were “working with the band to identify the perpetrator.”

“We are extremely grateful for the bravery of the band for calling out this behaviour however we know that this isn’t an isolated incident. There’s a culture shift that needs to happen in order for our community to move forward,” the statement read.

In a second post, the band were quick to thank the crowd and the venue for being so “helpful and understanding.”

Written by Newcastle Live

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