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VOTED BY YOU: Where to get the best kebab in Newcastle

Ahh the humble doner kebab. This delicious Turkish treat, often tin foil wrapped into a thick cigar of flavourful awesomeness has long been a favourite on the Newcastle fast food agenda – especially amoung the late night pub crowd.

There is a lot to love about this true triumph of multiculturalism, whether it be chicken, beef, falafel or even lamb. And, there are definitely some great examples of the kebab to be found in our neck of the woods.

It seems you agree, judging by the amount of chatter when we asked, last week, who were the finest local purveyors of the kebab.

So, for your indulgence here are the top five kebab joints in Newcastle, as voted by you.

1. Cappodocia

51 Beaumont St Hamilton

This icon of the Beaumont Street eat scene scene eclipsed the competition by literally hundreds of votes and, having sampled the kebabs produced here, we can definitely attest to their quality.

One of the secrets of Cappadocia’s success is that they toast their kebabs before serving, adding an extra textural element to proceedings.

These guys also found themselves with a top five slot in our recent “best hot chips” poll so you can be confident of getting a banging take away feed at Cappadocia.

2. Mayfield West Kebabs and Charcoal Chicken

402 Maitland Road, Mayfield West

Another “kebabbery” that was given a hot chip nod, there was also a lot of love for this little Mayfield West gem.

By all accounts their kebabs are fresh, piping hot and delicious and prepared with lightning speed (a must when grabbing a bit on the go).

Also, the word on the street is that the Halal Snack Packs coming out of this kitchen are to die for.

Visit their Facebook

3. Oasis Kebab

5/55 Beaumont Street, Hamilton

There is certainly some stiff competition on Beaumont Street for your kebab dollar with this legendary haunt’s close proximity to Cappadocia.

Located in the long-standing Oasis al-fresco food court, this store has been one of the only constants amid a relative revolving door of eateries. And given their focus on speedy service and fresh food, it’s not hard to see why they made this list.

Also, given they are located across from the Kent Hotel, this is the perfect place to get a late night snack after closing time.

Phone: 4969 6666

4. Charlestown Kebabs and Crepes

Charlestown Square

There are no shortage of choices for food fare from around the globe at the food court at Charlestown Square and you were quick to tell us how much you loved this little hole in the wall.

Given the amount of traffic this food court would see in a week, especially during the busy holiday seasons, the fact that they can turn out consistently great food deserves a mention in and of itself.

Phone: 4920 9360

5. Mustafa’s Kebab House and Cafe

Shop 10, 5-9 Ken Tubman Drive, Maitland

Mustafa’s is a no-fooling icon in Maitland, and we can definitely attest to the tastiness of these amply portioned kebabs, having spent many a night enjoying a chicken kebab after a big night at the Hunter Valley Brewery and/or the Clubhouse Hotel.

Given its proximity to the nearby Reading Cinema, Mustafa’s is also a great place to dissect the latest Marvel blockbuster over a kebab – with the lot, of course.

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