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VOTED BY YOU: The very best takeaway burgers in Newcastle!

Look, we knew that you guys loved a good juicy burger. That’s why we asked. If we are going to treat ourselves, ESPECIALLY on International Burger Day we want the best. 

But what’s really impressive about the answers to our recent “who is slinging the best takeaway burger” question was the sheer number and variety of awesome spots you nominated!

We now have over 25 burger places and menu items that we want/need to try so for that we thank you! So, without any further ado. Here are the Top Five Takeaway Burger Joints in Newcastle, as voted by you. 

1. Rascal

There was just one vote between first and second place but at the end of the day it was Newcastle, and now Charlestown, burger and chicken anarchists Rascal who got the biggest nod from readers.

Known for causing quite a stir with their creative burger specials, Rascal also ticks the boxes when it comes to the stock standard burger classics. Honestly, the Rascal cheeseburger something to treasure!

2. Newy Burger Co

The folks at Newy Burger Co DEFINITELY know their way around a grill and have also been doing some amazing work for the community throughout this horrid pandemic with their Kindness Boxes. KUDOS!

When it comes to the burgers though more moreish morsels you’re unlikely to find especially the Bar Beef (beef patty, bacon, cheese, tomato, house-made BBQ sauce and jalapeno white sauce) which in this writer’s humble opinion should be given the keys to the city!

If you’re looking for an extra side of Newy with your burg…look no further.

3. Eight Bulls Kitchen

The phrase ‘Go Big Or Go Home,” was never more applicable than when talking about this Stuart Avenue gem.

A visit to Eight Bulls is less a trip to get lunch or dinner but rather a Herculean quest to conquer the burger mountain you are about to consume.

While bigger isn’t necessarily always better, in Eight Bulls’ case these stacked culinary monoliths are literally bursting with flavour.

4. Newy Fried Chicken

The fried chook coming out of this kitchen is, without hyperbole, next level, so it would make sense that when said fried chicken is bunged between a potato bun, the result is going to be just as impressive.

Their range of “Sandos” will make your mouth water (this writer heartily recommends the Sunday Sando) and you can choose your heat level from Southern to Off The Menu Hot XXX. Yowza!

5. Hotel Jesmond

An establishment that I haven’t visited since my halcyon days at Newcastle Uni, but one I will be definitely be frequenting for a burg or two after your recommendations.

There may only be five burgers on offer here, but with the way the menu made my mouth water, it seems this is definitely a case of quality over quantity.

A tasting of the pork belly burger (with slaw, wasabi mayo, coriander and fried onions) is definitely in order.