The ‘old school’ takeaway is here to stay

We talk a lot about takeaway here at Newcastle Live – from burgers to fried chicken and hot chips – you have shared with us your top tips to get a cheat meal fix.

Of course we love those crazy, over the top creations doing the rounds on Instagram and actually, we quite like creating something gourmet at home too. But sometimes you just got to get someone else to do the cooking. 

This is when you might turn to the humble, old school, suburban takeaway shop. And Vinny’s Takeaway at Georgetown is exactly that. 

If you have a hankering for it – battered, fried or otherwise – Vinny’s will have it. Their menu is huge. And the meal deals! If you find yourself with a mid-week hangover or a big hunger on a little budget, check out the Tradie Deals. There are four options, all $7 each during the day Monday – Friday.

On the day we visited we got some ourselves some cocktail fish and chips and a grilled chicken burger. You know, for a bit of balance.

The chips actually tasted like real potatoes! This is something that Vinny’s pride themselves on – fresh not frozen chips and scollops. Which is awesome. But on the day that we visited the chips were a little soggy. Now, some people absolutely love them like this – dosed in vinegar and maybe even wrapped in some fluffy, buttered, white bread. We just prefer a more crispy chip.

The fish however was golden and crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. A nice squeeze of lemon and you are good to go. And the serving was huge!

The chicken burger was simple and tasty – plenty of mayo, some shredded lettuce and fresh sliced tomato. Not greasy, no “freak” status but a satisfying lunch. With some of those chips we mentioned before, of course.

Vinny’s is bright, clean and home of a crackin’ Chiko Roll – the kind of takeaway where everybody knows your name and they won’t judge you for wearing your uggies out of the house.

You can visit Vinny’s Takeaway at 41 Georgetown Road, Georgetown (at the old Henny Penny site).