VIDEO PREMIERE: Rachel Maria Cox – A Phone I Can’t Use

Novocastrian Singer/Songwriter Rachel Maria Cox has today released a video for ‘A Phone I Can’t Use’ the first single from their upcoming EP, I Just Have A Lot Of Feelings.

The video sees Cox baking a cake for their friends, while simultaniously finding increasingly difficult ways to drink Coke Zero. It features handful of local musicans; including Boots Porter and Jack Lundie, and was shot and edited here in Newcastle. Watch the video below:

‘A Phone I Can’t Use’ is the first song fans are fearing from their sophmore EP, which explores Cox’s struggles with mental illness as well as pocket dialling, Netflix binges and running into people you haven’t seen in years. The EP itself explores Cox’s struggles in the last year with mental illness, specifically Borderline Personality Disorder, Social Anxiety and Anorexia and Bulimia, which Cox was hospitalised for at the end of last year.

In a statement on their Facebook page last year, Cox came clean about their eating disorder and admitted “I know I need to stop so that I can get on with my life, but I simply can’t”. The track ‘Weighty’ was written during their inpatient treatment, and ‘Zips, Netflix and Dinner For Six’ deals with the aftermath of treatment.

We had a quick chat to Rachel Maria Cox about the new EP, their new music video, and their launch show at The Lass at the end of the month:

Newcastle Live: ‘A Phone That I Can’t Use’ is the first single from your new EP, how has the response to it been?
Rachel Maria Cox: The response has been way more positive than I was expecting – it’s very exciting to see other people (especially people who aren’t just my friends and family) getting excited about this song.

We are premiering the music video, tell us all about it?
The EP is called I Just Have A Lot Of Feelings, which is a quote from the Movie Mean Girls. The character says “I wish I could bake a cake full of rainbows and smiles and we could all eat a piece and be happy” so that’s exactly what I tried to do. So I invited a bunch of friends over and as it turns out I am not particularly good at baking cake, but the important thing is that I tried. It’s basically a bunch of mates having a good time and enjoying food and each other’s company.

What’s your favourite kind of cake?
Anything with caramel or coconut. A caramel mud with some kind of coconut icing would be my idea of heaven.

How was making the EP, where was it recorded?

Making this EP was a really great process. I pulled a band together, showed them the demos and rough arrangements I had made in my bedroom, and then after two rehearsals we spent eleven straight hours in Sawtooth Studios in Tighes Hill. Oli Young, recorded it in one of their rehearsal studios, and he also played drums. Jack Lundie played rhythm guitar and Brayden ‘Boots’ Porter played lead guitar. It was a really long and emotional 11 hours but I am really happy with the results.
After that, I recorded all my keys and synth bass parts in my garage and sent them through to Oli to mix. It was a very DIY approach to recording but I’m so stoked with how it has turned out.

You’re launching the EP at The Lass before heading off on a national tour, are you excited for the Newcastle show?
I am so excited! It will be the first time in Newcastle I have played with a full band which is going to be a fun experience, plus I am really looking forward to the line up for that show – Joab Eastley from Raave Tapes is doing a solo set, Aitah is easily one of my favourite Newcastle performers, and Antonia Susan is coming up from Sydney and playing several of the EP launch shows with me. We released her Album on Sad Grrrls Club (the record label I run) and she just blows me away, especially considering how new she is to performing. All the launch show line ups have me really excited though; one of the things I do with Sad Grrrls Club presents tours is make sure all the line ups are gender balanced which means I get to play with a bunch of amazing musicians in a safe and inclusive environment.

Who: Rachel Maria Cox
What: I Just Have A Lot Of Feelings EP Launch
With: Antonia Susan, Joab Eastley (Raave Tapes), Aitah
When: Thursday, July 28
Where: The Lass O’Gowrie
Details: Facebook

If you or someone you know is struggling with an Eating Disorder, contact the Butterfly Foundation on 1800 ED HOPE


Written by Spencer Scott

Spencer is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle. He's also a Triple J Unearthed Super User and writes for many national publications.

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