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VELVET REVIEW: This ain’t your typical night at the theatre

Media types and VIPs usually make opening nights a bit of a drag, but even the stiffest upper lipped of the Novocastrian bourgeoisie found themselves swept away by the Boogie Wonderland of Velvet last night.

Playing inside the Aurora Spiegeltent, that has taken up residence in Civic Park until 4 June, Velvet is billed as a glitter ball world of sensory overload, seduction, disco, dance and circus…

And it did not disappoint.

The show

The show blends theatrics, both old and new, and is constantly fuelled by a classic disco soundtrack. Velvet is essentially a cabaret, the best one we’re likely to see in years, but a cabaret none the less.

From death-defying Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics and trickery, to naughty costumes and laugh out loud comedy, the show packs more entertainment into two hours than you’ll get from a 12-Month Netflix subscription.

The whole cast shone brightly during the wonderfully intimate performance. “The Incredible Hula Boy,” Craig Reid, was definitely a highlight, and Tom Oliver‘s stripped back version of the disco classic Stayin’ Alive was pure perfection, before an all singing all dancing finale.

#PROTIP: Don’t enter the Spiegeltent expecting a new Absinthe, the show that played in the Spiegeltent in Wheeler place in 2015. Instead, we suggest you kick back and immerse yourself inside the belly of the sexiest spectacular to hit town this year.

Marcia Hines

There’s not a lot you can say about Marcia’s voice that hasn’t already been said, and for opening night, it was furiously on point. From strong falsettos to perfectly executed phrasing, it’s clear after a few numbers,  you’re watching a national treasure live on stage… Only meters from where you’re sitting.

The Spiegeltent

It’s Studio 54 in Civic Park babies… Mathew Marshalls lighting direction transports you to the D-Floor and is worth the price of admission alone. He seamlessly highlights the blend of the old and the new, and the on point spotlighting adds pizazz to the already magical vibe of the Aurora Spiegeltent.


The show plays inside the Spiegeltent in Civic Park Newcastle until Sunday 4 June. Visit the Civic Theatre Newcastle for ticketing information.