VEGEMITE VOLLEYS: Puts those Rose in Every Feet

So, Vegemite Volleys are a thing… And why not, icon meets icon we say!

The makers of Australia’s favourite spread have teamed up with the style-makers over at Volley to pump out a timeless and unashamedly good looking range of footwear.

They come in both the High Top and Low Top classic Volly styles and there are even infant sizes available in the High Top Range.

And while you’re at it, you might as well pick yourself up a pair of Vegemite socks to complete your drip.

The Volleys are the newest addition to the Vegemite clothing and apparel range that also features swimwear, hats oversized hoodies

You can also pick yourself up a Vegemite beach towel, a Mitey cooler bag and a rashie in readiness for next summer too.

You can grab your pair of Vegemite Volleys by visiting the online store at