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Vegemite Toast, Daddy’s Mad & Sleep Forever Live Music Never

This past week saw far too many outlandish stories for us to flesh out and write about, so we did what we do best and have presented you with a bite sized take on the week of controversy that was, here in Newcastle.

Vegemite On Toast

The infamous vegemite on toast has nothing to do with hipster-ism, it’s probably the best marketing campaign I’ve ever seen. Newcastle was really thrust into the spotlight this week when an image started circulating online (including through Newcastle Live) of what appeared to be the most hipster-esque slice of Australian life, aka vegemite on toast. It wasn’t just local media that picked up on the hot mess though, it seemed like every single major news outlet was shouting about it and shaking their fists in the air. What I think though, is that Core espresso on Darby Street has struck marketing gold and is the most accurate display of desperation by a local Newcastle business that I have ever seen. Because unfortunately, this is what it has come to. With all the frivolity aside, I’m actually so thankful to see at least some of our quirkiness, that is the Novocastrian way of life, still remains in tact. I mean, I don’t know for sure, but the whole thing seems like a bit of a lol to me, in that, how far can we push the whole shebang before people start to notice. Bloody Buzzfeed wrote about it, it’s one way to put Newy on the map right?

No Sleep Til’… (lol who are we kidding the city is a place for peace and quiet)

It was announced late last week that the Queens Wharf Hotel (formally the Brewery for those born before 2000) is no longer allowed to play live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Because why? Ohhh… Daddy’s mad. Daddy aka the council have stated that the venue is unable to provide fun anymore. Ok sure, it’s not a huge blanket ban but the times are pretty darn tight. Apparently it’s business as usual, but that sounds fake. Because business at the Brewery is all about the live music, in one of the best locations in town. But I guess maybe we can just stare at each other in silence and wait for some apartments to be built or something.

Speaking of live music and noise complaints…

A $200 million redevelopment project has just been approved for two residential towers, a retail precinct and office spaces. Where is this monstrosity you ask? The Store. The Store which is of course right across form the Cambridge Hotel (one of the few venues left in town still doing live music) and everyone knows the residents who can afford to buy such residential buildings love live music. They especially love live music that plays after 9pm. They especially, especially love live music that caters to a younger audience, and encourages young people to go out and enjoy themselves as they once did. They especially love the way young people seem to splash their cash on such frivolity, aka live music, instead of saving their pretty pennies like they did back in 1930 when houses were 500 bucks a pop. How dare the youth be so irresponsible. 

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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