We tried the Vegemite pizza from Domino’s so you don’t have to

Today for lunch we decided to try Domino’s new mozzarella and Vegemite pizza. You know, for research purposes.

The unlikely collab is on the back Vegemite appointingGiovanni from Rosa’s Pizza in New York as a new ambassador.

Giovanni became internet famous when he added the iconic thick, dark brown salty spread to one of his pizzas and everyone had to try it.

“It’s great to see Americans enjoying what we here in Oz know to be true – that Vegemite can go on just about anything,” Domino’s ANZ Chief Marketing Officer Adam Ballesty said

“There’s something so quintessentially Aussie about a Vegemite and cheese pizza, and we’re excited to be able to offer this unique combination to customers right here at home.”


It’s a classic combo. Our school lunches were dominated by it, but after a couple of slices, here’s the feedback we got from around the office…

“It’s good, but probably not a life-changer.”

“Um, kind of just tastes like vegemite and cheese.”

“I think I would have dug it more on a thin and crispy base.”

So there you have it. Good, but not great, and maybe better on a thin and crispy crust.

Domino’s Cheesy VEGEMITE Pizza is available from Monday 11 October 2021 for three weeks only, or until sold out, at stores across Australia.