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Want $5000 to boost your music career?

On a mission to create a safer and more inclusive future for everyone in the industry, UNIFIED Music Group are looking for five people or collectives who could use $5000 to help them reach their goals.

The UNIFIED Grant aims to foster innovation and channel investment into creative projects capable of sparking positive transformation not only within Australia’s music industry but also on a broader scale.

Past grant recipients like YOWO Music and Tin Camp Studio have made a significant impact, showcasing the transformative power of creativity.

With the launch of this fourth instalment of the Grant, UNIFIED’s total investment in such initiatives reaches an impressive $100,000.

The inspiration behind this grant comes from UNIFIED’s remarkable journey, evolving from its humble beginnings as Boomtown Records to becoming one of Australia’s largest independent music companies.

Submissions for The UNIFIED Grant close on 1 November 2023. The final winners will be determined through a voting process, involving all UNIFIED Music Group staff, and they will receive notification in early November. Visit to find out more.