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Unconventional Christmas movies you should see this Christmas

The must watch list for the silly season.

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Forget Love Actually, that movie is (awesome and amazing and the best) old hat. Here are our top 5 unconventional Christmas movies that need to be on your list!

The Shining

Look, it’s not your first choice as a Christmas movie but hey, it snows, and in the book they celebrate Christmas so it’s close enough for me!


Um hello, is there a better time to comment on consumerism than Christmas. Small children begging you to buy toys this Christmas? Set them up with this golden oldie and things will change. Trust me!

Die Hard

Everyone reading this list knows why this should be on this list. Nothing else needs to be said.

Silent Night Deadly Night

This is one you might not have heard of… It’s a glorious slasher movie from 1984 and it is a must for this year’s festive season. I mean, it’s not the greatest horror movie you’ll ever see, but it’s an excuse to watch a horror movie and terrify someone you love this year.

You’ve Got Mail

Look, I’m putting this on the list because it’s one of my favs. This isn’t really centred around Christmas but the Christmas spirit is everywhere. And, it’s about books, and Meg Ryan, and Tom Hanks, and a dog named Brinkley. Watch it immediately.

The Ref

Sorry to bust into Laur’s post. But I had to add this one. When you’re married and you’ve got inlaws coming, this movie borders on reality. It’s a must watch every year in out hous

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.