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WORTH A SHOT: So UDL have gone and released retro cocktails in a can

They say that everything old is new again. So jump on the bandwagon, bust out those drink umbrellas and take your lockdown happy hour back in time with these retro cocktails in a can.

The new UDL Classic Cocktail cans are being touted as fizzy, not fancy little numbers that celebrate those deliciously coloured drinks in funny glasses our Mums and Dads used to drink back in the day at places like Winstons in The Junction Village.

And they’ve launched with two absolutely quintessential retro bar favourites too.

A tropical island awaits your lips when you pour out the Pina Colada can into that plastic cocktails cup you brought home from the last cruise you took.

It’s a vodka-based cocktail (it’s UDL after all) with punches of pineapple and coconut and just a hint of white rum flavour.

If the paradillic flavours of a Pina Colada just ain’t your thing, you can jump on the retro cocktail slide with a can of Blue Lagoon.

This bad boy is everything a retro cocktail should be – Super sweet and made with Blue lemonade. It’s, again, vodka-based and carries a bit of an orange aftertaste.

Both the Pina Colada and the Blue Lagoon cans are the first release in the new UDL Classic Cocktail line and should have already started popping up in bottle shops around the Hunter.

And remember… Drink responsibly. These are UDL cans!