UBER POOL: A new ride-sharing option for Newcastle

Back in March 2020, ride-sharing app, Uber turned off their Uber Pool feature due to the global pandemic. Today, they’ve relaunched the service and are now offering it in six new cities across the country, including Newcastle.

Uber said the feature can save riders up to 30% if they’re able to match you with riders heading in the same direction as you.

The service is a door-to-door experience which they say should only add an extra 10 minutes, at most, compared to a solo trip.

Before the pandemic, Uber used Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast as pilots for the service in Australia

The feature has always presented unique challenges in Australia for the ride-sharing service because Australian cities are less dense than their global counterparts.

They say they’ve used the downtime during the pandemic to reflect, reimagine and get ready to relaunch Pool to make it better and more accessible.

How Uber Pool Works

Open the Uber app, enter your destination, and scroll down to the Uber Pool ride option. The app will try to match your car with other riders heading your way. Click here to find out more.