Troy Cassar-Daley brings ‘Things I Carry Around’ to Newcastle

When Troy Cassar-Daley sat down to write his book, Things I Carry Around, the last thing on his mind was a new album. In fact, after extensive touring and picking up the 2016 Album Of The Year Golden Guitar award for his album Freedom Ride, his plan was to focus solely on the manuscript. So how did those plans lead to winning the 2017 Album Of The Year Golden Guitar and an extensive tour which heads to Lizottes in Newcastle in May for two shows, one of which is already sold out? We caught up with the Australian country music singer-songwriter to find out.

“After going over so much of my life for the book, it just started to come out of me,” Troy tells me over the phone.

“The album almost wrote itself” he adds.

Things I Carry Around is a raw tale of a young Aboriginal musician who lived in two worlds as a child and at times not feeling like he belonged in either of them. His parents breaking up early in his life had a major affect on him. He shares his connection to his grandparents and the beautiful Aboriginal culture that he was immersed in throughout his whole childhood and love of his huge extended families, Maltese and Aboriginal in Sydney and Grafton. He talks about having his 22 calibre rifle aimed directly at his step father. These are honest accounts, warts and all. Meeting his childhood musical heroes like Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson and also partaking in some contraband! Struggles with holding down relationships while pursuing his career will have you in stitches and the losses of family members are definitely some of the things Troy carries around. His ups and downs on his journey through many a musical adventure will have you laughing and crying and is a re-introduction to the Troy that we have come to know as a clean living family man who loves his wife and kids and his 30-year music career.

But going public with your life story isn’t without its pitfalls.

“There are still a few people not talking to me since the book came out, to be honest, Dan. But I couldn’t write my life’s story without including everything that’s happened. Good and bad.”

It’s not the only heartache that Troy’s been through during the process of producing the book and album. Time away from his family has really played on his mind.

“That’s why after this tour is done, I’m taking some time for them. I’ll play some festivals and a few one-off shows, but I’m taking my foot off the accelerator for a bit” says Troy.

So now’s the perfect time to catch Troy on stage doing what he does best.

The Things I Carry Around show hits Lizottes in Newcastle on May 10 and 11. Tickets for the May 10 show are still on sale via the Lizotte’s website.