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TREAT-TASTIC! Top tips and fantastic facts for a FRIGHTFULLY fun Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

It’s almost time to stuff our faces.

But first, let’s find out where are the best places to trick or treat in our neighbourhoods.

There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Look out for houses that are decorated. That’s a ‘dead’ (get it?) give away that they are fun people who are desperate to cram you full of sugary goodness!
  2. Check out a website like People who really want to be part of Halloween put their addresses there. It’s also a good way to find out where all the cool decorations are at.
  3. Tell us your favourite streets for trick or treating in the comments below. If we all help one another we can all get a sugar high!
  4. There are of course a few rules for trick or treating. They are pretty simple. You need to be safe, be with an adult, and have fun!

But before you rush off to get your sugar rush, I thought it would be fun to understand why we celebrate Halloween by investigating the history of this spooky tradition.

Boo! It’s Halloween – but what does that mean?

The Celts who lived in western Europe about 2000 years ago started Halloween. They believed that spirits rose from the dead on October 31, and because they were good people they put out food and drinks to welcome the ghosts.

They also lit bonfires and danced and dressed up. I think they were party people!

How did trick-or-treating start?

Well, we must thank the Irish for that! A couple of hundred years ago the Irish had a big migration to North America and they took lots of their traditions with them. One of them was trick-or-treating.

All the kids and adults would knock on doors and ask for a treat. If the person being asked didn’t have something for them the Irish would play a trick on them… and that’s how trick-or-treating started and got its name!

Jack-O-Lanterns: Why pumpkins? I don’t like pumpkins!

Jack-O-Lanterns have been a part of Halloween for centuries, too. And the reason why they started is because of an Irish man call ‘Stingy Jack’.

He was a bit of a naughty and played a few tricks too many on the devil so that when he died he wasn’t allowed into heaven or hell. He was doomed to haunt the Earth forever.

Naturally, people didn’t like having ghosts hanging around so they started to carve out pumpkins (and even potatoes and turnips) to scare his spirit away.

Where do you get your loot?

So has this scared you enough? Are you ready to get your spooky on? If you have a chance let me know where and how you are celebrating Halloween. I’d love to hear where is the best trick or treating in your neighbourhood!

Have fun!
Love Odette

Written by Odette Mury