TOWER CINEMAS: 5 things we can do with the Tower Cinemas building

5 things we could use the space for…

I’m going to write a proper goodbye piece on Tower Cinemas but right now I’m just too devastated to even think about it so, for now, I’m going to ignore the problem and mask it with sarcasm. Isn’t that fun? So here are 5 things we could use the space for.

Giant foam party

You know, like Fannys used to have back in the day before things got really yucky and a little bit gross? Ok, grosser than it ever was in there but still. The space is huge. Imagine all that foam. All that makeout space? All of that space to… never mind

Indoor theme park

Remember the old Floogals fun factory? I think that’s what it was called. I want that, but for adults. A place where no kids are allowed, the rides are huge and enormous, fun and delicious, and there are all you can eat party snacks. I want a strobe light, candy bar, all the things, all the time, always and forever.

Roller rink

C’mon who’s with me? The roller rink shut down so long ago I can barely remember going. The space on King Street is perfect to put not one but probably three full-sized rinks inside. There will be discos and rollerblades and 90s fashion.


I am being biased but I don’t care. What better use of the space than to fill it with books. The best things on this earth to be surrounded by. Who knows, maybe if the bookstore is in a place that has some history in town, people might be encouraged to by and read them. That might be nice right?

Movie theatre

Hey here’s a swell idea. I hear there are screens inside and a little bar that could with some effort be transformed into a candy bar. There’s even a projector room in BOTH of the big rooms with the big screens. How awesome. A movie theatre right in town? Right next to restaurants. Wow, what a bloody novel idea.

Written by Newcastle Live

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