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Touring Bands Boycotting Newcastle? Surely You’re Not Surprised

Two massive national tours have been announced in the last two days. Both bands have played here many a time, and have a loyal following in town. If I remember rightly, they usually sell out, or at least come close to selling out the venue each and every time they tour. “But wait, what? No Newy Show? What’s the go there?” The comments have started flooding in, and surely you can’t be surprised? How long did you think it would take, before touring bands finally did what they probably should have done a long time ago. Boycott Newcastle.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as upset as you are that I won’t get to see these guys play here at home, even though both are playing on the Central Coast, a place which is so close yet so far. But I’m in no way shape or form surprised. Because every single time they do, some, shoey drinking, fly kicking, drunk dickhead decides to ruin it for everyone. You ask a vast majority of bands and artists who have played here recently if they want to come back? It’s usually a firm no. It’s getting embarrassing quite honestly. And why would they?

Would you want to go back to a place to I dunno, do your job, if you knew that someone was going to rush the stage, grab your microphone and yell at you to drink beer out of a shoe? And you know if you refuse, you’ll be faced with an intense backlash fuelled by irrational anger. This is exactly what we are known for, and it’s embarrassing. It’s this sly little minority that has now since wrecked everything for the vast majority. Because it’s no longer something that may happen, in that a punter tries to rush the stage, or decides to fly kick somebody at a gig, it’s now an expectation

Why is the Newcastle crowd known for this, and this alone? We have an incredible community of not only talented local artists, but really dedicated and passionate fans. I love it, when my favourite bands come to town and belt out their latest string of tunes, but I also hate it when i get punched in the face in the pit whilst I’m there.

And it’s in no way genre specific so I swear if someone has the audacity to place the blame on the punk/hardcore community I swear I’m going to lose my biscuits. The Horrorshow gig last weekend is a prime example of this. To have the lead MC have to literally stop his set numerous times in an attempt to control the crowd is downright shameful on our part. Because the majority of the time, these select few punters, aren’t really going to listen to their favourite band. They’re going to get drunk, cut sick and eventually fuck someone up. And they’ll go home, satisfied and happy that they had the chance to burn off all the pent up energy and aggression, and the band will go home, vowing to never return. I wrote a piece in October last year, that highlighted many an incident that I’d both seen and experienced personally. Back in October I wrote;

Please. Can we stop putting Newcastle on the map for all the wrong reasons? Can we not be the town where artists stop coming to because of the way we treat each other in the pit. I’m not standing here saying that we all need to tread on eggshells whilst at gigs, or start sitting down whilst bands like High Tension, or Frenzal Rhomb or even the Bennies rip into a set. Go and have a flipping good time! Dance around with your mates, enjoy the music and go and live every single minute of your life. But please. Stop punching people in the pit. Stop starting fights. Stop groping women. Stop assaulting people. Listen to the artist when they say ‘look after one another’ and far out… Just stop being an idiot. Be that one person who chooses to stand up and say something. Let’s keep Newcastle on the touring map for the bands we all love. And for God sake don’t be a dickhead”.

I’m posting that here because I simply could not be bothered to type the same message in a different way. Because, like they’ve already started to do, they will stop coming here, and I won’t be surprised at all. 

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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