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Top reasons why Novocastrians love the pole

I am personally yet to see the pole. Touch the pole, Love the pole. But I know about the pole.

The sturdy structure sitting comfortably in the West End of town has stolen my hearts and goddammit I kind of want to know why.

I mean, people are even getting married at the damn thing. But why? Why are Novocastrians fascinated with this incredible structure? Well here are some of our hypotheses.

It’s more dependable than Newcastle Council

Sure, we didn’t know it was coming, but now it’s here, we really know it’s here for the long haul.

No one is going to do anything about the pole before Christmas, and we all know it’s too hot in summer, and then footy season will be here in no-time, so there goes all of everyone’s spare time.

The pole is here to stay folks. 

It caused a public feud between the energy company and the council and we are so here for it.

Because we froth whenever major organisations go toe to toe on social media, amirite?

It’s blatant and unprofessional, and the content is most likely produced by an unpaid intern, which is the biggest irony of them all. 

It’s a place to gather

As mentioned earlier, people have been getting married at the pole for God ‘s sake, and I swear someone mentioned spending orphan’s Christmas at the pole. What a dream.

What an excuse to be outside. 

The pole encourages slow living

Because whenever we drive passed the pole we have to slow down. There is no other option. Mostly because it’s in the middle of the road. Duh.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.